Is ‘Rescued by Ruby’ Based On a True Story? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Is ‘Rescued by Ruby’ Based On a True Story? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Truth has always been stranger than fiction. We have so many stories of animal-human love that it is impossible to think that a speechless animal can love a human to the extent, not even their own species can match it. However, just like Hachikō, another dog has proven its loyalty to her human and society. Netflix brings you Rescued by Ruby. An unbelievable tale of bond and friendship.

Rescued by Ruby on Netflix is a heartwarming tale

Netflix is always keen to add films that families can watch together and enjoy the time. So now the newest addition to this heartwarming and family-friendly film is Rescued by Ruby.

We know what you are thinking, “another dog movie in which the dogs die. What knew”?

But that’s the twist even though we are sure the movie will leave you in tears, but that’ll be because of the real-life relationship between Dan, played by the CW’s Flash himself, Grant Gustin, and his adopted dog Ruby.

Based on real-life

The greatest thing about the film is that all the incidents from the film are based on real-life occurrences between state trooper Dan O’Neil and the dog he trained to enter the K9 unit. However, the movie does take cinematic liberty into showing how they met by chance when in real life, Matt Zarrella (whom Scott Wolf plays in the film) thought that Dan and Ruby had the potential to enter the unit.

What’s the film about?

The movie primarily revolves around Dan. Who aspires to be a K-9 Search and Rescue squad member, but time is running short. The same can be said for Ruby, an enthusiastic shelter dog who is on her final chance after multiple failed rehoming attempts. Dan and Ruby are brought together by fate, and their relationship helps them conquer their most difficult struggle yet.

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Where to watch the movie and should you?

As for where to watch, the movie has been streaming on Netflix since its release on the 17th of March.

And we feel that it is a perfect watch for the family as its theme is bond, love, and loyalty. Also, Grant is extremely refreshing to watch in a role besides the Scarlet Speedster and if not anything watch it for Ruby she is extremely adorable in the film.

Do give the movie a watch and let us know if you liked it in the comments section.

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