Is Princess Diana’s Documentary Streaming on Netflix? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Is Princess Diana’s Documentary Streaming on Netflix? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

England is mourning the death of their beloved Queen Elizabeth II, their longest-reigning Monarch, just the way they mourned the death of Princess Diana, her former daughter-in-law back in August 1997. Both are perhaps the most-discussed Royals. Moreover, both are showcased in Netflix’s The Crown. These are figures covered widely in multiple documentaries throughout time. Netflix has more than one Diana Spencer documentary available on its site.

The Princess of Wales was beautiful, charming, and innocent to a fault. A royal by blood, she was the highlight for the paparazzi, despite her husband Prince Charles being the potential King of England. Every moment of her marriage, divorce, and death was captured under those camera shutters. She may have died tragically at the age of 36 but the love she receives to this day remains incomparable. Her documentary The Story of Diana (2017) gives a tragically mesmerizing narrative of her life, love, and everything in between.

Does Netflix have a Princess Diana documentary?

The Crown may have helped the current generation familiarize themselves with British Royals. But the Royal family has been a subject of documentary makers for some time before. The Story of Diana was one such biographical documentary, centering on the life of the Princess of Wales. The Rebecca Gitlitz-Rapoport direction is a four-hour-long television documentary that was released in two parts, on her 20th death anniversary.

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It showcases a mix of clips, news reports spanning twenty years, and interviews with some big personalities. The ABC documentary was made in partnership with People magazine. It was produced by Maura Mandt along with MaggieVision Productions.

The documentary includes an interview with Charles Spencer, her brother, and 9th Earl Spencer as well as other closed friends including billionaire Richard Branson and Prince Charle’s cousin India Hicks. They all entail her loving personality, her troubled marriage to Prince Charles, her position in the strict Royal family, and speculation about her untimely death. The documentary is currently not available to watch on Netflix USA.

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However, it is streaming in Australia. The platform People TV is where anyone can have access to the documentary. It is also available to purchase on Amazon. Meanwhile, you can also watch the other Princess Diana documentary available on Netflix. These should brush up on your Royal knowledge as you prepare for Season 5 of Netflix’s The Crown.

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