Is Outlander Season 5 and Season 6 Coming to Netflix?

Is Outlander Season 5 and Season 6 Coming to Netflix?

If you are an Outlander fan, you probably are waiting for seasons 5 and 6 to come to Netflix but don’t worry, below we guide you on the dates depending on where you live!

The time-traveling TV show has been on air since 2014, many fans are addicted to the show and are always on track to find out more about it. Many regions don’t have the episodes on Netflix but have the show on other platforms. If you are wondering when Outlander season 5 and 6 will come to Netflix, you are at the right place!

When is the ‘Outlander’ season 5 and season 6 release date?

Netflix in the US gets new seasons of Outlander two years after their finale airs on Starz in the US.  Season 5 is still not available on Netflix but there is a rumor around saying that the TV show will be available on Netflix in May 2021.

Season 6 on the other hand is confirmed but it was swept up just like the other season’s thanks to the pandemic. Therefore, it will be airing later than its normal date but the question is when? Outlander’s Season 6 is not predicted to be aired in 2021. Don’t let your hopes go down there is more to come!

We know that almost every TV show or movie has been postponed due to the COVID-19 but we fans still have some things to look forward to anyway!

We will keep you Outlander fans updated if there is a change in the dates! You can watch the official trailer of season 5 below!

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