Is Netflix’s Most Popular Movie ‘Bird Box’ Still Relevant?

Is Netflix’s Most Popular Movie ‘Bird Box’ Still Relevant?

Saying that Netflix has done a splendid job when it comes to shows would be a criminal understatement. The OTT mogul has completely reformed what one expects from a show and how it is designed. While there is no denying that Netflix’s docuseries and shows are top-notch, we also need to accept that its feature films are average at best. Most movies made by the streaming giant seem to fall flat after creating, if lucky, a week’s buzz. However, the 2018 flick, Bird Box, was an eye-opener (pun intended) in many ways.

Not only did it give new meaning to common words such as ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ but it also became the most-watched Netflix movie. Not only was the audience getting a movie that they would force everyone they know to watch just to see their reactions but also the memes that followed gave the movie a good seat in the pop culture department.

Is Bird Box still relevant?

The Sandra Bullock movie, when released in 2018, truly broke the box. Directed by Susanne Bier from After the Wedding and screenplay by the Academy award-winning Eric Heisserer, the flick was beyond gripping. It was based on Josel Malerman’s novel. If social media is anything to go by, the audience was left deeply impacted after watching the post-apocalyptic thriller film. And rumors soon began swirling that the streaming giant would be releasing a series and even a sequel.

But given how there has been no news over the years, the chances are nonexistent. Despite the movie doing wonders for Netflix, it failed to even come close to ‘evergreen’ like most of the streamer’s movies do. And the rewatch factor was also close to non-existent.

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After the memers on social media ran out of ideas to create more from the movie, the hype surrounding it quickly submerged. A 64% Rotten Tomatoes score is not something that an A-class streaming and production service like Netflix would like to boast about.

Given the quick rise and drop of Bird Box’s popularity, there are many who have claimed that the movie was not actually THAT great and it was only beginner’s luck. However, there are many who would agree that Bird Box with its incredible new concept was one of the best thrillers of the past decade. The movie has plenty of potentials to be renewed into a series.

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