Is Netflix’s ‘Hustle’ Featuring a Real-Life NBA Player Based on a True Story?

Is Netflix’s ‘Hustle’ Featuring a Real-Life NBA Player Based on a True Story?

With summer here, Netflix is about to kick off its summer movie slate with Adam Sandler’s Hustle. Regardless of whether you are a basketball fan or not, the movie has an exceptional cast and even stars a basketball star in real life, Juancho Hernangomez. And nope, it’s not a documentary on the sport. It’s an inspirational film that follows a travel-weary basketball scout. The movie releases on June 8 and the streamer has already unveiled the trailer and the first look images. 

What is the new Adam Sandler movie about? 

Adam plays a Stanley Sugerman who “lives” and breathes basketball. He wants to become a coach, but the agency wants him to continue scouting for the Philadelphia 76ers. His job takes him to different countries in the world, which means he misses out on much family time. The guy has not attended her daughter’s birthdays for nine years. His search takes him to Spain, where he comes across an incredible street player, Bo Cruz. He has a troubled past and a family to support but Stanley convinces him to try for the NBA. The two face several obstacles together and yet strive to make their dream come true. 

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First look images from the basketball flick

The height difference between Sandler and Juancho is startling. 

Adam and Latifah are out for a walk. 

Sandler is an all serious basketball scout.

Meet the cast and the crew of Hustle on Netflix

Will Fetters ( A Star is Born) and Taylor Materne (NBA 2K19, 2K20) co-wrote the screenplay. Jeremiah Zafar directs the movie. Adam Sandler and LeBron James are producing the flick. 

Alongside Adam, fans will see Juancho making an appearance as the lead and flexing his acting skills. Joining them are Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall, Jordan Hull, Ben Foster, Maria Botto, and Ainhoa Pillet. NBA star Kenny Smith also made an appearance. 

Hustle makes Adam Sandler’s ninth collaboration with Netflix. His film with Jennifer Aniston Murder Mystery 2 is in post-production. Also on the pipeline is the biopic, Spaceman, which is based on the true story of Jakub Procházka.

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