Is Netflix Going to Change Its Famous Binge Model?

Is Netflix Going to Change Its Famous Binge Model?

Netflix is doing it like no other when it comes to the race of OTT platforms. From originals that blow our minds and become global sensations to trusted high-quality production, Netflix is everyone’s go-to streaming service. However, it seems like Netflix Junkies will no more be able to post stories captioned “just binge-watching Netflix” on weekends anymore. Recent reports state that the streaming giant is going to take up a huge change in the way it releases its content. Find out what this means for the fans.

Are we no more going to be able to binge-watch on Netflix?

Fans were all shocked when they heard that Netflix might be doing away with the trademark binge-watch model. From the very beginning, fans dwelled in the magic of binge-watching a brilliant series overnight when it was released on Netflix. One of the most recent examples is that of the South Korean survival show Squid Game. All nine episodes were released together in Netflix’s trademark “watch in one go” style and everyone collectively woke up to naming the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ doll from Squid Game as their worst nightmare.

Netflix’s recent releases such as The Sandman have not been able to cause the same stir as the Marvel series despite being iconic. Other platforms mostly follow the weekly release schedules for their content. Netflix played with this style a bit in the StrangerThings finale which was released in two installments.

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The streaming service has been following the pattern of releasing two episodes per week for Kdramas and animes. Furthermore, Co-founder Reed Hastings, who was firm in his ground of following the binge-watch model, seems to finally be giving a nod. However, nothing is official yet; the platform is revamping and this is the new change.

While binge-watching is fun, nothing beats the sleepless nights, discussing crazy theories and cliffhangers, as we wait for the release of new episodes. More changes such as low subscription charges with ads option are also in discussion. These changes come in the wake of losing millions of subscribers just in the past month. So before it is gone, go binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix right now.

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