‘Is It Cake?’ Producer Dan Cutforth Hints at Season 2- Here Are More Cooking Shows You Can Watch on Netflix Until Then

‘Is It Cake?’ Producer Dan Cutforth Hints at Season 2- Here Are More Cooking Shows You Can Watch on Netflix Until Then

We all love cakes and games, don’t we? Inspired by a viral meme, Dan Cutforth’s baking show, Is It Cake? serves the purpose accurately. There are cakes in the avatar of objects we would never imagine eating in life. There are beautiful themes and ambiance to keep us glued to our screens. And then there’s the coolest person ever to host the show! Mikey Day’s awkward personality and on-point sense of humor bring us genuine laughter. And as the 1st season came to an end, fans are already anticipating Is it Cake season 2. And we have some good news for you!

In an interview, while talking about the whereabouts of the Game of Thrones chair, he hinted at the second season of this comedy reality show, saying, “I think it might be over there. Or it may just be in storage, waiting for Season 2.” Meanwhile, to ease your craving for mouthwatering cooking shows, here are the best ones streaming on Netflix, you probably don’t want to miss out on-

The Great British Baking Show

A perfect mixture of sweetness and suspense, this show serves the exact comfort we need in our food and life. There are sweet and talented amateur bakers of diverse groups baking such beautiful and innovative cakes. The show will probably make you want to wear an apron and start baking yourself.

Waffles + Mochi

If you want to learn about the food you are eating, Waffles + Mochi is the show for you. You will find yourself in the middle of a supermarket, led by former first lady, Micheal Obama. She has these cute puppets, working for her, named Waffles and Mochis. They go around the world, meet the finest of chefs out there, and gather as much knowledge as they can about the food we eat.

This is indeed an adorable show and a good way to make your child keen on the food they are consuming. And you can always st(r)eam it on Netflix.

School of chocolate

As the name suggests, It is a place where contestants are not sent back home. Instead, they are taught to produce the best cakes and chocolates, while we get to feast our eyes with all the gorgeous food. Throughout the season. eight chefs, who start from scratch, learn, unlearn, and come out as better chefs.

Eliminating the typical elimination style of cooking shows or other reality shows, this one is sure to touch your heart and water your tongue.

Chef’s Table

Are you in love with craft and creativity? Do you want to feed your eyes with the most aesthetic and delicious-looking dishes ever? Then, Chef’s Table is the show for you! Each episode of the show follows a different chef who beautifully shares their relationship with food and produces even more beautiful dishes. The cinematography is perfectly done, and it’s satisfying to the soul to watch them craft their talent in the best way possible.

High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America

A listicle with the best cooking show would surely be incomplete without the documentary about the complex origins of food. In this fabulous four-part docuseries, food journalist Stephen Satterfield follows the journey of African cuisine across West Africa and the United States.

It is a celebration of culture, human emotion, and food diversity. It is a heart-warming watch for every genuine food lover out there.

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As you binge-watch all these absolutely beautiful cooking shows while waiting for Is It Cake season 2, do let us know in the comment section which one delighted your eyes and watered your mouth the most.

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