Is Cliff Beasts 6 an April Fools Prank by Netflix? Here’s What We Think

Is Cliff Beasts 6 an April Fools Prank by Netflix? Here’s What We Think

The trailer for Cliff Beasts 6 promises fans an epic saga featuring flying dragons. But other than that, the trailer reveals nothing else. The project remains a mystery. The trailer reveals an action-adventure featuring a spectacular cast – Karen Gillan, Keegan Michael Key, Guz Khan, and  David Duchovny. The group of cliff climbers climbs a cliff to find dangerous flying reptiles. 

But the burning question here is if this is the sixth entry in the franchise, where are the previous ones? It is impossible for a franchise with a cast of this caliber to go unnoticed. Also according to Netflix, the movie is to drop on April 1. That seems highly auspicious. Add to that, if you rewatch the trailer you will realize that the CGI does not look very polished. Even the actors seem to be overacting. Is Netflix playing with the subscribers? Probably. 

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Cliff Beasts 6 is not a real movie

It would have been great if it was a real one, but to be honest, the trailer looks too fake. For a company like Netflix, the CGI looks low on budget. Netflix headquarters clearly planned this as a practical joke to get fans excited for a franchise that never really exists. The streamer cannot drop the sixth installment out of anywhere. Only Star Wars can confuse their fans with its chronology. It’s a Star Wars thing. This more likely looks like a marketing tactic for Judd Apatow’s latest venture. 

Veteran director, Judd Apatow’s latest movie The Bubble is centered around a group of actors who find themselves locked in a hotel during the pandemic. While being locked, the actors have to finish filming a movie. Cliff Beasts 6 is probably the movie that the actors in Judd’s next are filming!

The trailer already looks too fake. Netflix wouldn’t go to such length to produce a fake trailer to prank their subscribers. The streamer is known for coming up with creative approaches to marketing like the episodes dropping in weekly installment format to sustain the momentum. Maybe this is part of their marketing campaign for The Bubble. If it is, then they are clearly doing a very good job! 

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