Is BIONA In Raising Dion Season 2 Good Or Bad? Find Here

Is BIONA In Raising Dion Season 2 Good Or Bad? Find Here

In shows like Raising Dion, it is pretty easy to tell whether a character is your friend or not. However, the show writers often add friendly characters but have ulterior motives in reality. These characters or agencies are often portrayed as friends or allies but, in fact, only care for themselves and their goals. One question that pops up – is BIONA bad in Raising Don? For this, you will need to read on !

What is BIONA and Its’ motive?

In the Netflix Original, BIONA is a research institute that studies climate and creates “climate solutions for a better world.” However, all of this is just a front. What BIONA really does is to investigate the Aurora Event. In particular, they are interested in the decay of land that has been exposed to the event.

Even though Mard did not find any evidence to hold BIONA responsible if orchestrating the event. He sure thinks they are capable of doing it. BIONA has a top-secret laboratory, L5, which analyzes animals and plants obtained from the Aurora Event region. They also follow the persons exposed to the incident in secret to discover more about their abilities.

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When they suspected Dion possessed supernatural powers, he became their target. BIONA even volunteered to finance the Stem Stars Competition so that Dion’s school could keep a closer check on him.

So is BIONA bad in Raising Dion?

It is safe to say BIONA has not done anything negative in the series as of now. However, their methods are questionable. Their intentions seem to be good.

In season one, they even kidnapped Dion from the hospital. And now, in season two, they are setting up training facilities for Dion and other superheroes to practice and start to control their powers.

Let us wait for season three of Raising Dion to arrive to be sure of BIONA’s allegiance. For now, let us re-watch season two and try to find out if they are friends or foes.

What do you think should Dion trust BIONA or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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