Is April Marie From ‘The Ultimatum’ Really Pregnant? How Will This Affect Her Relationship With Jake?

Is April Marie From ‘The Ultimatum’ Really Pregnant? How Will This Affect Her Relationship With Jake?

The Netflix dating reality show, The Ultimatum, has given us some new perspective. Having a long-time relationship is just not enough. So, if you enjoyed reality shows like Love is Blind and Too Hot To Handle, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is the next best show for you. The show explores six couples, where one partner has given an ultimatum for marriage. They get three weeks to establish what they want from each other. The newly arising couples have challenged established couples. And one couple has surely caught our eyes, April and Jake. With the rollercoaster ride in the series, fans are wondering – Is April Marie pregnant?

After episode 8, April announced she can be pregnant. Is she really pregnant? And if she is pregnant, how will Jake react?

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Is April Marie really pregnant?

In the entire show, April was very clear about her infertility issues. In a conversation with Life & Style, April explains, “I mean, I feel like I have had unstable cycles for the past five years — since I was 19 — and told that I had cysts on both ovaries and that I don’t produce estrogen, the hormone required for you to get pregnant.” 

But she is having quite a problem with her partner, Jake. She is all ready to get married, have kids, and start a family of their own. Unfortunately, Jake is not ready for either of those. The pair had been together for two years. Jake wanted to be stable more financially before starting a family with April. With so much inconvenience between the two of them, April, after two years, issued an ultimatum.

During their time on the show, The Ultimatum, April had an understanding with two contestants, Hunter, and Colby. On the other hand, Jake has an understanding with Rae. While attending Alexis’s bachelorette party, she announced in front of the participants that she was thinking of an ultrasound. Because she can be pregnant with Jake’s baby.

They already confused us that whom Jake will choose? His new feelings for Rae or April, who is pregnant with his baby. She claims, “It was just another, like, ‘Alright, take a pregnancy test. It’s gonna be negative.’ So, I think I told Jake, like, ‘Hey, I haven’t had my cycle.’ And I realized it was just because of all the stress that my body was just outta whack. I took a test, and it said negative.”

But at last April’s test came negative. For more drama, you can stream the show on Netflix.

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