Is Anne with an E season 4 happening?

Is Anne with an E season 4 happening?

Anne with an E, which is one of the most popular CBC series, has three seasons on Netflix. Not satisfied with the current number of episodes, fans wonder whether they can see a season 4 for Anne with an E.

The series is a coming-of-age drama that started to air on CBC in March 2017. The latest season, which is the third one, was released in September 2019. Fans have been waiting for an update on a new season since then. Is a fourth season for Anne with an E happening? If so, when can we expect it to come out? Let’s see.

Is there going to be a season 4 for Anne with an E?

As things stand right now, there will not be another season for the popular series Anne with an E. They canceled the series before the release of the third season after the negotiations between Netflix and CBC fell off. So, there are no plans to make Anne with an E season 4.

Even though the series stands canceled right now, the fans are not willing to throw in the towel. Collectively named Anne Nation, the fans sign petitions, try to run campaigns to bring back Anne with an E. They claim they’re doing just Anne would want them to do: not to give up.

Previously, we saw Netflix renew Lucifer after its fans made a great effort to save the series. And the return of Lucifer was even better than expected, so the fans’ efforts paid off. Anne Nation is trying to do the same, but things are different this time.

Right now, Anne with an E’s star Amybeth McNulty is not available for a new season. That’s because she is now in the cast of another popular Netflix series, namely, Stranger Things. The filming of its new season will probably end this August, but there will be more seasons of Netflix’s youth sci-fi series. This means McNulty will be too busy to star in another season of Anne with an in the foreseeable future.

After she finishes her run on Stranger Things, McNulty will probably look too old to play Anne. Therefore, a distant renewal for Anne with an E seems pretty unlikely, unless they would want to mess with the timeline.

What is the release date of Anne with an E season 4?

As we mentioned before, Anne with an E is not slated to have a season 4. To be honest, a surprise renewal seems off the book given the situation with McNulty. Still, we wonder when we can see the new season should a miracle happen.

Usually, Netflix takes around a year to shoot, edit, and release a whole season. Six months of it is spent on filming while the other six are spent on post-production. Occasionally, it can take few months more, which has been the case with the previous seasons of Anne with an E.

We’d expect Netflix – or whoever might take up the series – to take no less than 14 months after starting filming to release the season. The filming process generally starts just around the announcement, so you can expect a release after a year and 2-3 months upon the announcement of Anne with an E season 4 – if that ever happens, that is.

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