Is a Friend of the Family Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream the Thrilling Series?

Is a Friend of the Family Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream the Thrilling Series?

We cant talk about horrifying true crime series without taking into account the unnerving miniseries A Friend of the Family. It won’t be a far fetch to call Netflix the hub of all amazing true crime documentaries. The OTT Mughal has the largest collection of serial killer and predator documentaries. But fans have been wondering if A Friend of the Family is available on Netflix.

What is A Friend of the Family about?

The miniseries follows a jolly Broberg family in the 70s. Far from the chaos that America was surrounded in around that time, the Broberg family of Pocatello, Idaho. And just like a dream, they meet their new neighbors, the Berchtold family.  The patriarch of the Berctohld family aka Bob Berchtold slowly makes his way into the hearts of each and every member of the Broberg family.

Through his charming smile and the bare minimum display of kindness, he had the Broberg family around his fingers. Furthermore, Bob Berchtold was not your average criminal, he was smart and highly manipulative. So much so that he was able to assault numerous members of the same family for multiple years. He created such a sense of deep connection with Broberg that they could never see what he was actually doing.

The tale gets even more bizarre as you learn that Bob Berchtold kidnapped the eldest daughter of the Broberg family, not once but twice in two years. And he did all this under the guise of being monitored by aliens and the mandatory secret mission that they have to complete. The secret mission is for Jan to engage in intercourse with Bob Berchtold.

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As bizarre as it may seem, the series truly hits when you see the real victim talk about it. Instead of informing that it is based on true events with a black disclaimer, A Friend of the Family brings in the real Jan Broberg to tell her story.

Is A Friend of the Family available on Netflix?

If you are a true Netflix junkie, then you must have watched Abducted in Plain Sight. The film described the events of what happened between the Broberg family and Bob Berctold. However, A Friend of the Family is a series that takes through all the moments from when the trust was built up to the point that it was shattered. Unfortunately, A Friend of the Family is not available on Netflix as it is a Peacock limited series.

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