Inventing Anna: Anna Delvey Fires Back at Ex-friend Rachel DeLoache Williams – Calls Her a Hypocrite

Inventing Anna: Anna Delvey Fires Back at Ex-friend Rachel DeLoache Williams – Calls Her a Hypocrite

Con artist, Anna Delvey is not happy at how her ex-friend, Rachel DeLoache Williams has been proclaiming that the Shonda Rhimes production, Inventing Anna is giving a platform to a sociopath. The two had been at loggerheads with each other. Ever since Anna made Rachel pay millions of dollars for a luxurious vacation in Morocco. 

What happened between the two in the past? 

Well for starters Anna deceived Rachel. She took offense when her supposed German heiress friend made her pay an enormous bill. Rachel was drowning in credit card bills that amounted to $60,000. A photo editor at Vanity Fair, the bills were more than what she used to make in a year. Rachel had accompanied Anna because she had promised to cover her expenses, but like in the show Inventing Anna, Anna’s credit cards stopped working. 

Along with the help of the New York County District Attorney’s office, Anna was eventually brought to court but the jury decided she was not guilty. Anna would later be charged with fraud-related charges in 2019 and would be sentenced to prison. Anna didn’t pay her back but Rachel’s credit card company forgave most of her debts. 

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Rachel thinks Inventing Anna is glamorizing Anna’s misdeeds

On the show, Rachel is portrayed as “Anna’s greatest creation“. Rachel is dissatisfied that the production has intentionally created a storyline that would restore Anna’s reputation. She is portrayed as young and conniving girl that bested the Manhattan elites and not just a lying manipulative woman. Anna blasted her friend on Instagram where she called out her hypocrisy. 

Rachel and her lawyers had harassed Anna to be co-authors on a book based on her life. Though Anna declined the proposal, an adamant Rachel would author a book – My Friend Anna: The True Story of A Fake Heiress. She even pitched the idea to HBO, but it was Netflix who developed the TV series and paid Anna a whopping $320,000. 

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