International Films Landing on Netflix in 2022 – Check Out The List

International Films Landing on Netflix in 2022 – Check Out The List

Netflix has gained a large international reception through many shows and movies. In the past few years, the streaming service has served us with some nail-biting shows and movies that kept us on the edge of our seats throughout. To name a few, South Korea’s Squid Game and Spain’s Money Heist were a blast. And 2022 is no less. It appears that Netflix will increase its global approach even more after witnessing tremendous success in its global platform. Here we have listed some of the spectacular international films releasing on Netflix this year:


Original Title- Sans Repit

The movie follows a french lieutenant who tries to cover a crime he caused and turns his life upside down in that process. The trailer teases that the corrupted cop goes to painstaking lengths to cover an accident. However, someone who has been monitoring him as he attempts to come out clean, and threatens him for the same. Will he be able to save his life? Or the Big Brother watching him will play the karma card? Find it out as this international action drama premieres on February 25, only on Netflix.

The Invisible Thread

From the director-writer Marco S. Puccioni, Invisible Thread tells the tale of an Italian teenage boy named Leone and his unique family. His family comprises three men, including himself and his two fathers. Throughout the film, we will watch him fall in love and go through major ups and downs as the family struggles with everyday problems.

However, what seems to be a decent family drama takes a major turn in the form of an invisible thread, or should we rather say DNA? As circumstances bring his dads on the verge of separation, he finds out that his biological father is still unknown. It will probably be revealed in the summer of 2022, as Netflix will bring this drama to our screens.

One Simple Question

One simple rule of Alessandro Cattelan in One Simple Question is not to eat animals, he has watched in cartoons, growing up! Relax, that’s not what the movie is about. Cattelan takes us on the journey of happiness as he asks, where does the path to finding yourself begin?

We will go in Roberto Baggio’s car to Paolo Sorrentino’s directing, passing through golf courses with Gianluca Vialli. We will also camp with Alessandro and Geppi Cucciari. But that’s not all. Many more adventures, concerts, competitions, and pursuits of happiness await us as we take this journey with Alessandro Cattelan on March 18, only on Netflix.

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Up for some Clark Olofsson Syndrome? Netflix will bring the story of Sweden’s notorious celebrity gangster and the man behind the expression “The Stockholm Syndrome” this year.

Based on the real-life events of the master manipulator, Clark Olofsson, this drama will take us back to the world of the 60s, 70s, and into the darkness of the late 70s and 80s. Played by Bill Skarsgård, the titular character Clark who bamboozled the entire Sweden to fall in love with him. He has been convicted for drug trafficking, assault, attempted murder, theft, and many bank robberies. The crime drama will provide a fictional take on the truths and lies told in this diddler’s autobiography. Seems like Anna Delvey is not the only one in the mood this year.

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Let us know in the comment section, which of these International films on Netflix tantalized you the most.

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