Inspirational Characters Like Halle Berry’s Jackie Justice in Similar Fight Movies

Inspirational Characters Like Halle Berry’s Jackie Justice in Similar Fight Movies

Bruised is a notable directorial work of Halle Berry. In the film, she also played the role of Jackie Justice- a top martial art fighter. The fresh plot of the movie attracts a newer kind of audience who are into sports and fights. It is for those who really want to experience the struggle of a sports person. Let us find the best other movies, featuring characters like Jackie Justice.


Southpaw is a tragic action film that focuses on a famous boxer, Billy Hope. Played by Jake Gyllenhaal, Hope slipped into depression when he lost his wife in a tragic accident. He even lost his daughter’s custody to child protection services. Billy Hope requests his trainer, Tick Wills, to get back to his life. After losing his wife, bringing his daughter home is Billy’s goal. For that, he has to continue his fight.

Boyka: Undisputed

Boyka: Undisputed is a 2017 American martial arts film. The fourth film of this franchise centers on the athlete Boyka, played by Scott Adkins, who is making himself ready for big tournaments. When he finds out the widow of the man he unintentionally killed is under the pressure of some brutal gangster, he offers his help to fight battles so that he can free the widow from a life of servitude.

Never Black Down: No Surrender

Never Black Down: No Surrender is a 2016 martial art film by Michael Jai White. After two years, Case Walker, played by Michael Jai White, has to re-enter the championship of mixed martial arts fighting. His character is of a person who used to enjoy sports, but has grown tired of the same. Now he competes with amateurs so that they can become an expert in mixed martial art fighting. But certain incidents make him realize he needs to become a champion once again.

A Prayer Before Dawn

A Prayer Before Dawn is a 2017 film based on the true story of a British Boxer. The film centers on Joe Cole played by Billy Moore, who is a heroin addict and was arrested in Thailand for possession of stolen goods. Thrown into Thailand’s most notorious prison, more into the world of drugs and violence, his only option to gain his freedom is to fight Muay Thai tournaments.

All these films are available on Netflix.

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