Inside Look: Cowboy Bebop Music

Inside Look: Cowboy Bebop Music

Cowboy Bebop is a fantasy drama on Netflix, which feels like a dream to us. It’s about an afterlife dream that Spike is stuck between, life and the afterlife. Fans are amused by the concept of the series. Cowboy Bebop is a 2021science fantasy fiction American series. The Japanese anime of the same name inspired the series. The series was premiered back on November 19th, 2021, and comprises only ten episodes.

The series is ahead of its time; it is set in 2071, where a group of bounty hunters catches criminals across the solar system.

The music of Cowboy Bebop hugely impressed fans. It’s a kind of music that stays with you for a long time. Talking in a technical sense, the theme of the song is Jazz. The piece is a hard bop style with Latin-infused jazz.

All you need to know about the music of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop

Several albums composed by Yoko Kanno and Seatbelts accompanied the series. The Executive producer of the show Christopher Yost explains, “It all based on Jazz. The great thing about Jazz is kinda free form, freestyle like it comes from the heart. It releases kinda inform the show and the show informing you.”

Netflix on its official YouTube channel released a video about the journey of Yoko Kanno and the music of Cowboy Bebop. Yoko Kanno is the soul of Cowboy Bebop music. According to Christopher Yost, “Yoko has the love for Bebop, she was there right from the start. She inspires the entire world. Her music has inspired the show from top to bottom.”

Even John Cho, who played the character of Spike, claims that he wanted to connect with Yoko Kanno’s music. He says. “When I heard they had Yoko Kanno attached for adaptation. I was just wanted to associate with that kind of music. It sets everything apart from anything else I’ve ever seen.”

Everyone is in awe of Yoko Kanno’s music. She inspired the show. Her music is like this soulful rhythm that you want to dance to. Many fans accepted that after they heard the Cowboy Bebop’s music, they fell in love with jazz. Yoko Kanno explains her journey in the show. She says, “The first meeting for the live-action version, I think, was about three years ago. It was during Covid. I would join in on the meetings about the episodes and I got to see various set designs.”

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