In for a Murder and Gone Girl Analogy: Should You Watch This New Crime Comedy?

In for a Murder and Gone Girl Analogy: Should You Watch This New Crime Comedy?

A crime thriller about a missing young woman, a long list of suspects but no one obvious, and a movie adapted from a bestselling book. We’d like to say that it should remind you of “In For A Murder”, but post- Gone Girl, these movies and series are on a revival spell. And ‘In For A Murder’ is a new name on this very long list. But does it stand out?

So, what is In For A Murder about?

If In For A Murder was to be described in a sentence- we’d only say “perky post-teen pop reggae“. The movie, as the title so obviously suggests, is about a murder. But the music, direction, and cast would likely remind you of high school Netflix Originals surrounding teenagers- not very unlike the To All The Boys series.

In For A Murder is about Magda, your average wife that’s too nice, too smart, too loyal- to sum up, too perfect- for her husband Tomasz. And of course, she is unappreciated- that’s what makes her the main character. They have two kids, who we must assume are the only reason they won’t split.

Madga, who has an unappreciative and obviously disloyal husband, lives in a small town with limited chances of social interaction. Her best friend disappeared 15 years ago- so she doesn’t really have anything going for her except taking her dog on walks and reading Agatha Christie.

One day, Tomasz casually reminds her of how lousy of a husband he is by making an evening unpleasant and Magda decides she needs to take a walk. And, viola, in a park lies the corpse of a dead woman.

Any normal person would have been absolutely shaken, but Magda is busy playing detective. The numerous crime novels she’s read have given her foresight better than trained officers. She turns out to be more perceptive than her frankly unperceptive detective friend Jacek. Oh, and Jacek used to be in love with her.

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Now that dog walks have been ruined for her, Magda’s mind is on her second passtivity– crime. As her husband doesn’t let her pursue a career, Magda casually decides to solve the crime of the young woman herself. But this somehow links back to her best friend who has been missing for 15 years.

The quasi-idyllic suburban town is shaken as Magda, a seemingly uneventful woman even by suburban standards, begins digging into the lives of every known face.

Is it anything similar to the likes of Gone Girl?

A pleasant movie that begins with chirpy music and a woman filling her wicker basket with fresh fruits with a bright setting will definitely not remind you of Gone Girl. The one word that perfectly captures the essence of Gone Girl is “gripping”. The viewers are on the edge of their seats right from the start, watching Affleck walk on eggshells and do it flawlessly each time.

In For A Murder is anything but that. The movie focuses on a suburban woman in a small town surrounded by insignificant politicians who want to blow other trivial things out of proportion. Calling it a local whodunit would be pretty apt. If you’re looking for something gripping, something that keeps you on the edge of your seat the way Nick Dunne (Gone Girl) or Benoit Blanc (Knives Out) did – then In For A Murder isn’t for you.

However, if your watchlist needs a fresh perky movie, that’s small and refreshing, but is also a part of the neo-murder-mystery streak- we wouldn’t talk against this Polish film.

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