“I Wasn’t Sure if They’re Gonna Bring Me Back” – Scoot McNairy on Narcos: Mexico Season 3

“I Wasn’t Sure if They’re Gonna Bring Me Back” – Scoot McNairy on Narcos: Mexico Season 3

Narcos: Mexico is an American crime-thriller drama, created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The theme of the show highlights the illegal drug trade, which has three seasons with thirty episodes. The final season was released on Netflix on November 5th, 2021.

One of the most popular characters of Narcos: Mexico, is Scoot McNairy. He played the character of Walt. McNairy revealed in the last scene he is the narrator who has been guiding the audience throughout the show’s journey. But the fans desired to know about Walt.

We can only be sure that he and his team have landed in Guadalajara; to perform an operation Layenda, to seek justice for the murder of their own kind agent, Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña).

Journey of Scoot McNairy as Walt in Narcos: Mexico

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, McNairy had said, “It was an advantage to be able to lay down the voiceover and find the cadence and the humor, or the sarcasm, in the character before I actually went down to go play him, as to create that allusion of: Who is telling this story? And, why are we hearing a voice that we’re not seeing?”

Recently, Collider had done an interview on their YouTube channel. Featuring Scoot McNairy and Luis Gerardo Méndez, it focused on the Final Season and their opinions. In the interview, the host asked Scoot McNairy that is he aware of Walt’s role in the show, and did he sign for just only one season.

McNairy explained, “I did know that I was gonna be the leader of the DEA, in season two of Narcos: Mexico, on the third season I wasn’t sure they’re going to bring me back or not. So, you know, knowing that you know, they sort of pushed Walt’s storyline a little bit further down the road and also gave them a little more closure with something that I was excited about.”

The character of Walt highlighted his obsessive nature. The actors explained they stuck to their character because, but “when you go on location to some of the places, you kinda still feel that.”

The most exciting thing about the Narcos franchise that how they bring back the other characters with a character development plot.

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