“I want to be a bride but not a wife”: How Netflix’s ‘Anne With an E’ Inspired a Sologamy in India

“I want to be a bride but not a wife”: How Netflix’s ‘Anne With an E’ Inspired a Sologamy in India

Ever since literature, drama, theatre, and films flourished in human society, there hasn’t been a single human being who is bereft of its influence in some way or other. Rather, it is our society and human behavior that results in the formation of such beautiful scripts. However, it is very much true the other way round as well. For instance, we tend to dress per our favorite characters, we even behave the way those characters do in the series. This time around, Netflix’s Anne With An E seems to have inspired an Indian woman in the most beautiful way possible.

If you know about the first Indian woman who married herself or involved in sologamy, you know exactly whom we are talking about. Yes, the absolutely beautiful and rather famous Indian bride, Kshma Bindu, vowed to abide by the norms of marriage and stay loyal for eternity to herself. But did you know what inspired her? The Netflix original Anne With an E. With a little ado, let us tell you everything about it.

Netflix’s Anne With an E inspired an Indian woman to involve in ‘sologamy’

Anne With an E is a modern adaptation of Anne of Green Gables for our times: a darker, sadder, more realistic story about an outsider’s will to survive. Apparently, the series unpacks the trauma and loneliness that comes with growing up in terrible orphanages and being in an abusive foster system. Fascinatingly, the series inspired Bindu to marry herself just three months before her marriage. Bindu recalls not feeling shocked when she first learned about the concept. “I had heard a lot about polygamy and monogamy, but never sologamy,” she told Al Jazeera.

“After watching the show, I googled for the first time whether it was legal to marry oneself in India. When I read about it, it felt normal and even attractive to me. It wasn’t a shock.” Indeed, she took the show’s famous line, “I want to be a bride, but not wife,” to the next level. Although the people who cross her path often pass judgemental looks, she couldn’t be happier. “I was in awe of myself when I looked into the mirror and had no worries of a normal Indian bride. I felt like I was enough for myself,” Bindu shared with Aljazeera.

Notably, psychologists suggest that extreme trauma at a young age could explain self-love. For someone who has gone through trauma, acceptance could be immensely healing. Bindu told the reporter that she had an abusive childhood and was sexually harassed repeatedly when she was eight. Bindu aspires to fly beyond the cage of socially constructed gender rules. Very much the story of our little Anne. Anyway, she is now on her way to leading a happy life and we wish all the prosperity to her for the new and beautiful beginnings.

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Anne With an E is streaming on Netflix since May 2017. Go stream it right away, if you haven’t watched it yet. Do you have any such shows that inspired you on such deep levels? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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