“I got really stressed out” – When Sadie Sink Narrated Her Scary Parking Encounter

“I got really stressed out” – When Sadie Sink Narrated Her Scary Parking Encounter

It’s kind of incredulous that Sadie Sink could face the terrifying Vecna for her friends in Stranger Things, but mere parking freaked her out. Yes, the very girl that plays a rebel and a badass in the Netflix series was adorably confused about a parking spot when she drove for the first time. We all have our scary first times and so did Sink.

The redhead became a household name when she entered the Hawkins gang in the second season. She played a courageous feisty teenager on the show that also showed some real raw moments in the fourth installment of the series. Her performance was much appreciated in the latest season, however, she was not very brave when it was time to park. 

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Sadie Sink and her adorable parking spot horror story 

During a podcast in 2020, the teenager disclosed her first time parking spot experience. She had gotten her driving license but was not able to make much use of it because she was traveling. She had not driven herself to anywhere before and was understandably a little hesitant about it. But thanks to her dad’s encouragement, the then 18-year-old decided to drive herself to school. What the teen did not take into account were the numerous parking spots.

Sadie Sink admittedly freaked out and just drove away from the place.

“I got really stressed out because there is street parking and there were like plenty of spots. And I was like oh my god, I don’t know where to spot,” she told the hosts, freaking out.

It has been 2 years since then; we think she has gotten a lot of practice by now. The 20-year-old is now dipping her toes in various other roles. She recently worked with Darren Afronosky and 90s star, Brandon Fraser in The Whale. Apparently, she enjoyed the “supportive” environment on the set, which allowed her to concentrate. Despite the many vulnerable moments that the script demanded, she delivered it successfully. The movie will arrive in the theaters on December 9.

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Do you have a similar parking spot story? Tell us your first time driving experience in the comments below.

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