“I fu*ked up a line”: Grace and Frankie Bloopers Have Jane and Lily Forgetting Things, but “Not because they’re old”

“I fu*ked up a line”: Grace and Frankie Bloopers Have Jane and Lily Forgetting Things, but “Not because they’re old”

Grace and Frankie ended after nearly 7 seasons. The show was one of the first few Netflix originals and one of the last few originals to go off the air. Starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the show tackled issues that crop up during old age with a light-hearted tone. From being rivals to best friends, the two ladies have come a long way. The first season aired in the year 2015 and since then fans have been hooked on it. With such wholesome content, the actors end up having fun on the set.  The creators have just released a blooper to fill that hole in your life. 

Jane Fonda’s ad-libs are everything behind the scenes of Grace and Frankie

Lily Tomlin who plays Grace reminds you again that she forgets things and lines not because she’s old. But it’s because she never had to learn it in the first place! Bloopers highlight several moments of Grace when she forgot her lines and resorted to ad-libbing. While her ad-libs are funny, especially to Frankie herself, Grace gets annoyed. In one of the finale episodes when Dolly Parton guested as the angel, an irritated Grace tells her, “I don’t want her to come with me.” Referring to the time when the angel decided to let the two best friends go back to earth and spend some more time together before their time is up. 

Grace actress Jane Fonda gets her moments too, like the time when she told Frankie to attend an acting school. Taking notes from Frankie she ad-libs as well. The two bicker and crack some dirty jokes too!

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Sol should do something about that beard of his

Throughout the clip, Sol is blessing everyone who sneezes. But his sweetness is marred when Robert goes in for a kiss and tells him “Not with that beard!” Robert’s struggle pronouncing the name of the place is hilarious. And Brianna shows her wit behind the scenes as well. She jokes about calling the Skydance hotline number when Frankie touches Sol inappropriately and Mallory does the same to her in one scene. Coyote’s “wild” moment was when he called someone else mom. 

The Grace and Frankie bloopers end on a happy note. Frankie remained playful until the end suggesting going deeper into the ocean and having a good pee! 

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