How Millie Bobby Brown’s Hairstyles as Eleven Transitioned From Stranger Things Season 1 to 4, Check All Looks

How Millie Bobby Brown’s Hairstyles as Eleven Transitioned From Stranger Things Season 1 to 4, Check All Looks

She may have just turned 18, but Millie Bobby Brown is already a fashion icon.  Her die-hard fans have tried to emulate her style plenty of times. But where did it all start? It started with Stranger Things when she entered the scene with a shaved head. The Duffer brother series got it all correct from casting to music to the 80s-inspired style. And yes, even the hairstyles! A special mention to Steve’s superior hairstyle!

Although the boys in the series mostly continued to sport a bowl cut, Millie’s character Eleven probably had the most noteworthy transformation hair-wise. 

The empowering shaved head

Brown had to chop off her brown locks to play Eleven. Then 12, she knew what she had to do to play the character convincingly. It made sense because she was a lab rat. An orphan, she spent all her childhood at the laboratory while Martin Brenner experimented on her. She never had the chance to grow out her hair and feel like a girl. 

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Eleven actor Millie Bobby Brown sported curly brown hair

Stranger Things Season 4 Could Avoid it Delays and Age Problems

Fans had gotten used to Eleven’s shaved head. So when season 2 debuted, fans were surprised at the new curly locks. It took them some time to get used to this much more confident Eleven. Oh, and yes, the Stranger Things team did some good research. Perms and mullets were hugely popular in the 80s. 

Middle parted honey blonde bob

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown looks great as Phoenix

Brown debuted her light brown blonde shoulder-length bob hairstyle in the series’ third run. She mostly wore her hair loose. But at times she also had her hair up in a pony. Her hairstyle is also an indicator of how much she has grown. Her loose hair shows she doesn’t have her guards up anymore. She feels safe and comfortable.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown quashes the rumors of a spin-off

Her up hairdo during the Star Court battle suggests she’s alert. 

Millie Bobby Brown and 70s block fringe

Eleven’s 70s block fringe hairstyle is impossible to miss in the trailer. Her new look resembles Joyce’s.

We learned a lot from the Stranger Things season 4 trailer

This further indicates Joyce and Eleven’s bond in season 4. Now that Hopper is gone, Byers is her only family. And Joyce is the only maternal figure in her life. 

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