How do you find all anime category codes on Netflix?

How do you find all anime category codes on Netflix?

Netflix is the most comprehensive streaming service right now. The users sometimes have trouble too finding content on the website. We can make it easier for you to want to watch Netflix anime series or movies with category codes.

Do you want to watch something we love tonight and try to find it? Don’t worry we have good shortcuts for you. When the subject comes to Netflix, there is a lot of series, movies, shows, or documentaries on this platform. However, the platform hid a lot of categories that you can reach with category codes. For the Japanese animated series or movies, you can find the anime content library codes below.

How do you find all the anime series or movies on Netflix?

They are comprehensive libraries on this platform that organizes content that you want to watch right now. Anime is one of those categories, and all of the service’s anime content can be found easily by looking at that category codes.

Netflix anime series or movies category codes
Anime Categories

Netflix anime series or movies category codes

The general category code to find anime content is 7424. However, there are a few more subgenres for easier access to which content you watch.

  • Adult Anime code – 11881
  • Anime Action code – 2653
  • Anime Comedies code – 9302
  • Anime Dramas code – 452
  • Animal tales – 5507
  • Anime Features code – 3063
  • Anime Sci-Fi – 2729
  • Anime Horror code – 10695
  • Anime Fantasy code – 11146
  • Anime Series code – 6721

Here are the 4-step guide using anime category codes:

Step 1: Sign in to your Netflix account

Step 2: Type in the URL into your what device do you have on the web browser –

Step 3: Then, you can change the #### with any of the category codes that are listed above

Step 4: Start watching

Watch the “Enter the Anime” trailer below.

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