How Andrew Lance, AKA, Alan Reed from Inventing Anna Got Away Unscathed

How Andrew Lance, AKA, Alan Reed from Inventing Anna Got Away Unscathed

With the intriguing tagline that goes “This whole story is completely true, except for all the parts that are totally made up”, Inventing Anna is becoming quite a fan favorite and no wonder. The show not only is based on the life of an extremely amusing Anna Sorokin, it also has many other characters we found difficult to believe actually exist. One such person is Andrew Lance. You might know him as Alan Reed from Inventing Anna.

Andrew Lance and his professional career

Considering the way Alan Reed managed to get Anna the loan she wanted in Inventing Anna, you might expect the real-life counterpart to be just as impressive. And so he is, if not more.

Lance’s biography at Gibson Dunn says that he joined the firm in 1999 after having worked with Sullivan and Cornwell and McKinsey and Company. Additionally, he has also thought in multiple prestigious institutes across America like New York Law School and Yale Law School, among others. If all of this wasn’t enough, Lance has proved time and again how important charity is to him. The lawyer represents numerous not-for-profit organizations as part of philanthropy.

The relationship between Anna Sorokin and Andrew Lance

In the Netflix series Inventing Anna, Anna hires Alan Reed to help her secure a loan of $40 million. To her surprise, Reed rejects her. But that eventually changes and he puts her up with numerous financial institutions and helps her get the funds she wanted. However, Reed begins getting suspicious of Anna when he doesn’t receive his fees.

According to HITC, Anna Sorokin got in touch with Andrew Lance in 2016. She used fake financial documents and claims of a large fortune overseas. She did all of this to secure her position among the ultra-wealthy of New York. If we’re to believe Anna’s words, the two shared quite a close relationship. According to her, “he would answer in the middle of the night, or when he was in the Turks or Caicos for Christmas.”

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Where is the real-life Alan Reed after the events of Inventing Anna?

Alan Reed was inarguably one of the smartest characters in Inventing Anna. And, as we mentioned and has been apparent from all that we know of him, Andrew Lance is no less either.

But, despite talking extensively about his career and achievements, the thing that makes Lance so impressive is how he managed to get away from the events surrounding Sorokin completely unscathed. We know all too well how close the two were. The reason Anna was able to get around with so much ease was because of Reed, his reputation, and his backing.

Lance wrote in an email about Anna the following:

“Our client Anna Delvey is undertaking a very exciting redevelopment of 281 Park Avenue South, backed by a marquee team for this type of venue and space,”

He also continued, “her personal assets, which are quite substantial, are located outside the US.” All of this should have decreased his credibility as a lawyer. Instead, just like Alan Reed from Inventing Anna, he got a promotion.

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What do you think of the real-life Alan Reed and his relationship with Anna Sorokin? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, don’t forget to stream Inventing Anna on Netflix!

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    I think he saw excitement and fun in her which seemed to be sadly lacking in his life. He was a man of routine. Woke at the same time, had the same morning rituals, followed the rules all his life. If he did attend a party Anna hosted he saw a glimpse of a more exciting life and I think he subconsciously thought he could try that exciting life vicariously thru Anna. I don’t think he wanted an affair with her.

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