How a Comedian Picks an Audience Member to Make Fun Of? Sebastian Maniscalco Reveals at Netflix Is a Joke Festival

How a Comedian Picks an Audience Member to Make Fun Of? Sebastian Maniscalco Reveals at Netflix Is a Joke Festival

One of the most popular modes of entertainment in recent years has to be stand-up comedy. Ever since Seinfield premiered and popularized the art of making people laugh way back in 1990, people have fallen in love with the concept. But cracking jokes and taking digs at people is immensely hard. Even if you are improving your set, preparation is a must. And we all know that Netflix is a Joke has a great lineup of comedians.

So it is natural that these comedians come prepared. However, very few give the people an insight into their process of coming up with the jokes. But not Sebastian Maniscalco. Recently in a new video, Sebastian shows us how he prepares for his crowd work portion of the show.

Let us try to learn the art of comedy by Sebastian Maniscalco.

Netflix is a Joke: BTS of a stand-up

In a new video released by Netflix Is A Joke official Twitter account, we have given an exclusive look at how comedians prepare for crown work.

Crowd work is a spontaneous comedic set in which the comedian improvises jokes about people sitting in the audience. So in the clip, Sebastian reveals the secret of how he picks the audience.

The video is actually a BTS of Sebastian’s performance at the Netflix is a Joke festival. Sebastian confesses that just seconds before going onto the stage in the video. He visits the camera room while they are shooting the sitting audience. And there, the 48-year-old chooses the people he wants to pick for his act.

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According to Sebastian, this helps the comedian and the cameraman as he does not have to go on look or him in the middle of the show.

Specials of Sebastian Maniscalco

Sebastian Maniscalco is an actor and stand-up comedian from the United States. Since then, he’s released five stand-up specials which are available on Netflix for you to watch.

Apart from that Maniscalco has also appeared in supporting parts in the films Green Book and The Irishman, the latter of which he played gangster Joe Gallo.

Let us know if you like and are enjoying the Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival despite the recent incident.

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