Hold Your Breath For The Ice Dive As Netflix Releases The Trailer of Johanna Norbald’s Documentary

Hold Your Breath For The Ice Dive As Netflix Releases The Trailer of Johanna Norbald’s Documentary

Hold your breath folks, because Netflix is in the mood for yet another documentary. No, the true-crime season is put on hold for now. The streaming service will present us with the inspiring story of Johanna Norblad. And all the swimming and athletic fans are in for a treat. For Norblad is all in to brandish the world by documenting her iconic plunge under the ice, in one breath in Netflix’s Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive.

And while there’s time for Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive to arrive on Netflix; there’s something that would help you satisfy your restlessness. The streaming giant recently released the trailer of this documentary and we certainly cannot wait to share it with you. But before that, let us tell you something more about the documentary.

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive: What’s the documentary about?

The best achievement of all? Breaking our own records indeed. The doc-series follows Johanna Norblad as she attempts to break her world record of swimming 50 meters straight under the ice. This time, her target goal is 82 meters! Will she be able to do it? Will she be able to break the ‘only men can do it’ stereotype? You can only find it out by streaming Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive exclusively on Netflix.

Norblad has a specialization in dynamic free diving with fins. This involves horizontal swimming under the water for as long as the swimmer can. Notably, she set a world record of swimming a straight distance of 158m, and ever since; she has been one of the bests in the world.

But what gave her the idea of diving beneath the ice? An injury. The Finland-based diver had a severe injury to her leg, and that changed her entire life. Kudos to the self-discipline and determination of the woman! Apparently, when nothing worked, the doctor suggested that she take cold therapy.

After about a year, she could finally walk again. But her body became so acclimatized to the low-temperature environment that she gradually started to immerse her entire body under the ice. Hence the idea, why not be in apnea and set yet another record?

Hold Your Breath: Ice To Dive Netflix

In 2015, she traveled 50 km horizontally under the ice wearing fins and goggles only, hence achieving her goal. Then after three years of waiting, as no one defeated her, she set herself to break her own record. And as evident from the trailer, Netflix has captured it rather beautifully.

The trailer is out now!

Netflix recently posted the trailer of its upcoming documentary, Hold Your Breath: The Ice DiveThe almost one-and-a-half-minute video is sure to give you goosebumps. As of now, it has already gained 96,781 views and 3K likes. It opens with a man counting the time and takes us on a wild ride immediately. It gives us the courage to achieve our own goals and be determined, come what may. Here, have a look at this capturing clip yourself-

The series will land on Netflix anytime in the spring of this year.

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