Hold Tight Soundtrack: Here’s a List of Songs From Netflix Series to Add to Your Playlist

Hold Tight Soundtrack: Here’s a List of Songs From Netflix Series to Add to Your Playlist

Netflix has been upping the game in the music department lately. After the gigantic success of Bridgerton, the series also received praise for its song choices. the Regency-era drama featured orchestral versions of modern pop songs which immediately fit with the mood and the settings of the show. From Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball to Harry Styles’ Sign of The Times, and many more added more to the scenes. Now it’s the Polish drama, Hold Tight that is getting popular for its soundtrack. But don’t expect pop artists on the list, because the drama has chosen to take a different route.

All the songs featured in Hold Tight Soundtrack

Apart from the set and the perfect casting, music is also a key element in storytelling. Music is often used to convey the emotional state of a character. For a series like Hold Tight, which is a dark moody thriller, the soundtrack comprises EDM-influenced tracks and haunting ballads. The music immediately tells you that something dark is happening in this affluent Warsaw community. 

According to Tuneflix, here are all the songs used in the series. 

  • Episode 1

Coals – Sleepwalker 

Young Leosia & Zabson – Jungle Girl

  • Episode 3

FERR, Ferry Corsten & Youth Novels – Hands

  • Episode 4 

Jah Collective – Prepare To Be Entertained

  • Episode 5

Youth Novels – Woman (Live)

  • Episode 6

T.Love – I Love You (2008 Digital Remaster)

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A twisted tale about parental control

The six-part series is based on Harlen Cohen’s novel of the same name. Originally titled, Zackowaj spokój, the drama follows a distraught mother, Anna who is looking for her missing son, Adam. Her son goes missing right after his friend, Igor, is reported dead. While she searches for his whereabouts, she learns new things about her son. The story touches on subjects like parental control and how too much of it can push children away. Just like any Coben story, the series ends with a shocking revelation. 

The author had entered a 14-book deal with Netflix. So if you are a fan of his works, well you can expect more Coben adaptations to arrive on the steamer in the future! 

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