‘Hold Tight’ Hits Top 10 in USA, Author Harlan Coben Has THIS Suggestion for Viewers

‘Hold Tight’ Hits Top 10 in USA, Author Harlan Coben Has THIS Suggestion for Viewers

Over the years, Netflix has been able to give some of the best shows in the world. These shows are not only popular in their native countries. But like true pieces of work, their brilliance transcends their borders of origin. Maybe that’s why a Polish show is trending all around the world. Yes! You guessed it right Hold tight by Netflix is trending in not only in the US but in several other countries.

Hold Tight is a new hit by Netflix

Netflix has no shortage of thriller novel adaptations into equally amazing series. Pieces of Her, The Woods are just an example. And Netflix particularly seems to be obsessed with Harlan Coben. Netflix has a lot of Coben novel adaptions in their library of thrillers. However, Hold Tight seems to be a great hit among fans.

Hold Tight is the newest Coben novel that has been adapted into a Netflix Original. But the series is an instant hit just a few days after the show’s initial release. It has been receiving an immense reaction from people but also has made its place on Netflix’s Top Ten Trending list in just two days of release.

To commemorate the show’s spot on the list, Harlan posted a picture of the show in its 8th place in the US.

In the tweet, the writer suggests people watch with subtitles instead of dubbing the show for the best viewing experience.

But to the writer’s surprise, the show has been trending in many other countries. Fans replied to the original tweet of the writer, letting him know that the show has been trending in countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, etc. In fact, in Poland, where the show is originally from, Hold Tight is trending in the number 1 spot!

Why the show must be trending remains a mystery. But the confusing yet hitting you hard in the face ending certainly must be a reason for it.

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