Highlights of F1: Drive to Survive Season 4- Most Dramatic and Explosive Moments

Highlights of F1: Drive to Survive Season 4- Most Dramatic and Explosive Moments

Last year was a tremendous and thrilling year for Formula 1. Even if we do not mention the controversial nail-biting finish between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, last year was filled with such moments. And now that Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 4 is here, we can relive them again.

So here is our list of Top explosive moments from Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 4

Tsunoda angers in the French G

One of the most heartbreaking moments from last year was when Tsunoda in the French Grand Prix was asked to start from Pit lane after changing parts. Here’s what actually happened. At the Circuit Paul Ricard, the Japanese racer was on his maiden run in Q1 when he spun going out of Turn 1 and skidded backward into the barriers.

The FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer confirmed that AlphaTauri had modified the floor on Tsunoda’s AT02 vehicle to one of a different specification than the one he had used on Saturday. There were suspension alterations, as well, which means he must now start from the pit lane, as per parc ferme rules.

Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton carsh

If 2021 is going to remembered for anything apart from the corona pandemic it has to be the Verstappen and Hamilton rivalry. Adding to this amazing feud between two of the best racers was their crash at the Italian Grand Prix. While trying to overtake Verstappen, Hamilton supposedly entered his lane, sending Verstappen into the stands.

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While both the drivers were unhurt, Red Bull called for an inquiry and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff called it a tactical foul in answer. Whether the foul was tactical or not we will let you decide.

George Russell and Valtteri Bottas fight for a place in Mercedes

Formula 1 is a cutthroat sport. You are not only up against the rival drivers but also with your own teammates. As the contract of drivers is renewed every year, you have to perform to reserve your seat for another year.

Last year, the musical chairs was between Russell and Bottas. Bottas was trying to get his contract renewed, and Russell was trying to take his place, while both driving for Mercedes! This tension between teammates was the highlight of last year and this year’s Drive to Survive. Do watch the season to find out the last man sitting.

Toto Wolff’s reaction to the Abu Dhabi GP

Well if we are talking about last year, how can we leave out the night of Abu Dhabi GP? The night has certainly gone down in history for all the reasons. The Verstappen- Hamilton professional rivalry reached its peak at the end of the race.

We are not going to discuss whether the lap was legitimate or not. But Toto Wolff certainly was sure that the lap should’ve been reinstated. More than the finish, his anger and emotional response to the decision was in the talks. And Drive to Survive gives us more inside look at what Toto and his team were feeling that night.

Watch Formula 1: Drive to Survive for more such dramatic moments of last year.


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