“He’s the nicest person. But it is weird…”: When Peyton List Gushed About Her Cobra Kai Co-Star and Beau Jacob Bertrand

“He’s the nicest person. But it is weird…”: When Peyton List Gushed About Her Cobra Kai Co-Star and Beau Jacob Bertrand

People find love in different places and at different times. And for the Cobra Kai star Peyton List that happened to be the sets of her Netflix Original. The couple recently confirmed the rumors about their alleged dating and said that they have been together for a while now.

Recently in an interview, List discussed her happy relationship with co-star Jacob Bertrand and also shared how it felt to act with him. Let us see what the actress had to say.

Peyton List on Jacob Bertran and their relationship

The whole cast of Cobra Kai has a great relationship with each other. And their great onscreen chemistry resonates with that. The show is known for many things great drama, action, nostalgia, and now matchmaking.

Peyton List, star of Cobra Kai, talked about her romance with co-star Jacob Bertrand. The actress says that it’s been fun for her. She also stated that it feels great to have a close friend and to have someone she truly enjoys in the same city, “I’m just so grateful for him.” she says.

While talking about how it felt to film Cobra Kai with her boyfriend, List said it was an unfamiliar experience. She explained, “He’s the nicest person. But it is weird [on set] because I feel like we’re with everyone but each other on the show.”

On Netflix’s blockbuster martial arts comedy-drama series, List, 24, and Bertrand, 22, portray Tory Nichols and Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, respectively.

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While their fan-favorite characters have appeared in countless scenes together over the years. They are now practicing at separate dojos and are not romantically involved onscreen.

While talking about making their relationship official, List said that it was something that happened naturally. And she felt that “the world” decided for them.

She said, “We came out of the airport recently, and we were like, ‘Oh, OK. I guess we have to tell people now that we’re dating.’”

What do you guys think? Now that List and Jacob are dating will their characters too get involved in a relationship?

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