Here’s the Cast of Netflix’s New Korean Anthology ‘Our Blues’

Here’s the Cast of Netflix’s New Korean Anthology ‘Our Blues’

Our Blues is a new Korean anthology series on Netflix. It has both established and up-and-coming actors in the K-drama field. Noh Hee-kyung, the writer of The Most Beautiful Goodbye, utilizes Our Blues to subvert the traditional male-female protagonist formula, instead opting to tell the lives of seven primary people. Here is the cast and characters guide of Our Blues.

Presenting the cast of Our Blues

Lee Byung-Hun

Lee Byung-Hun portrays Lee Dong-seok, a Jeju Island native who grew up in the countryside. Dong-seok is a regular guy who works as a truck builder and salesman.

Byung is most remembered for his roles in The Magnificent Seven, Squid Game, and I Saw the Devil. And also appears in the GI Joe movies.

Lee Jung-Eun

Lee Jung-Eun plays Jun Eun-hee. Jun Eun-hee, who grew up on Jeju Island, was Choi Han-soo’s first love; today, after 30 years, the fish store owner is unexpectedly reunited with her first love.

Lee Jung-eun is most recognized for her role as Moon-gwang in the Academy Award-winning film Parasite.

Shin Min-Ah

Min Seon-ah, played by Shin Min-ah, is a woman with a secret that no one knows about. Seon-ah works with Dong-seok after returning to Jeju.

Shin Min-ah is a Korean actress who has appeared in dramas such as Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha and Chief of Staff.

Han Ji-Min

Han Ji-min’s Lee Young-ok is a young lady who recently relocated to Jeju to work as a haenyeo or female diver. The newcomer to Jeju Island is the subject of many rumors, and her story is cloaked in mystery.

Miss Baek and The Age of Shadows are two of Han Ji-min’s most well-known works.

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Cha Seung-Won

Cha Seung-Won stars as Choi Han-Soo in Our Blues. Han-soo was born and reared on Jeju Island, but after becoming a bank manager and the quintessential metropolitan guy, he has returned to his homeland.

Cha Seung-won is popular for his performances in the Hwayugi and One Ordinary Day.

Kim Woo-Bin

Kim Woo-bin plays Park Jung-joon, a warm-hearted ship captain in quest of a woman who refuses to leave Jeju Island. Jung-joon falls in love with Lee Young-ok.

Kim Woo-bin is popular for his part in Uncontrollably Fond, and he will also star in the next Alien revival.

Uhm Jung-Hwa

In Our Blues, Uhm Jung-hwa’s Go Mi-ran is Jung Eun-hee’s close buddy. Mi-ran has returned to her homeland of Jeju after realizing that the rough city life is no longer for her.

Uhm Jung-hwa is a multi-platform actress, singer, and dancer who is regarded as one of the most powerful women in Korean entertainment.

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The first episode of Our Blues is currently streaming on Netflix, with new episodes dropping every Sunday.

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    A Texas gal!!
    April 11, 2022 at 9:14 am

    I am watching “Our Blues” because of Lee Byung-hun. He is one my favorite actors. He is so talented and try to see any and everything he is in. However, I am enjoying the show and all of the characters
    in the show.
    A Texas gal!!

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    May 21, 2022 at 11:26 pm

    Excellent cast. Brilliant writing. Superb acting …. Every scene every sequence every second is worth watching. This is KDrama at its best

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