Here Are the Best the CW TV Shows Available on Netflix

Here Are the Best the CW TV Shows Available on Netflix

The CW has offers some of the best shows on television. And the best part is that the CW shows air on Netflix after just a week of their premiere. Here’s a list of some of the best CW shows that are also available on Netflix.


After his wife Mary was slain by a wicked supernatural creature while the boys were young, John Winchester raised his two sons Sam and Dean to seek and kill all things that go “bump in the night.” Sam gains terrifying talents like seeing images of people dying before they die.

With Sam’s unusual talents, their mother’s history with the monster and the demon’s obsession with the brother, their father John is in peril. When John’s dying last words to Dean are revealed, alarming truths concerning Sam’s role in the demon’s cataclysmic plan are revealed.

This mixture of horror, mystery, thriller, adventure, and of course, drama, boasts a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.4 on IMDb.


All American

The first episode of All American, a Netflix/ The CW sports drama series aired on October 10th, 2018, and fans have been hooked to it ever since.

Inspired by the true-life story of NFL SuperBowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger, All American is an inspiring ensemble family drama about a young, high school football phenom, Spencer James, and the two families whose homes he Spencer, the Bakers, and the James family will realize that the contrasts that divide us on the surface disguise a deeper connection – the complicated, imperfect humanity that links us all when these two families and their radically different worlds are drawn together.

The 100

97 years after the Earth was destroyed by a nuclear war, the last of humanity dwells on space stations that have banded together to form the “Ark.” Every offense, regardless of the reason or severity, is punishable by death in the “Ark.”

The “Ark’s” life support system is failing, and 100 “criminals” are declared expendable and sent to Earth to see if it is habitable. They are given wristbands that track their health and send the information to the “Ark.” The 100 quickly develop a “no law” rule on Earth, but while in search of food, the teens discovered they are not alone. There are other humans on Earth, as well as mutated animals.

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This post-apocalyptic science fiction drama aired on CW in 2014 and was made available on Netflix in 2020!


Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie Sengupta created the American historical romance drama television series Reign for The CW, now available on Netflix.

The series is set in the late sixteenth century and follows Mary, Queen of Scots as she rises to power in the French court. Adelaide Kane plays Mary in the series, which also features an ensemble cast. The series started on October 17, 2013, and ended on June 16, 2017, following four seasons on The CW and fans can now watch it on Netflix!.


iZombie is about visiting medical resident Liv Moore has a promising profession and a fiancé, but when she attends a boat party, things go horribly wrong. After being scratched by a zombie, Liv has transformed into a zombie herself. Now, Liv has quit her work and taken a position at the morgue, as well as called off her engagement and completely overhauled her life.

After consuming the brain of a murder victim at the morgue, Liv experiences visions that can be utilized to piece together the events leading up to her death. Liv, on the other hand, struggles since she is unable to reveal her true identity to her family and friends.

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