Here Are the Best Family Movies on Netflix Right Now, Check It Out

Here Are the Best Family Movies on Netflix Right Now, Check It Out

The best time to spend with your family is either going out on a vacation or watching a movie. Despite busy schedules, finding time for family is a must. We have done all the hard work to make a list of the best family movies on Netflix so that you can Netflix and chill with your family. This list comprises four animated movies and four live-action movies. So what are you waiting for? Grab a tub of popcorn, some lemonade and binge right away!


Which kid doesn’t dream of becoming a hero, but Shazam is a movie about what happens afterward. Shazam has blended the magic and superhero genre, which only a few movies have tried.

DC tried its hand at the children and family genre with this movie and, it seems to have worked. Shazam has an IMDb rating of 7 mostly because of the wonderful performances from the lead cast.

The Karate Kid

If you are enjoying “Cobra Kai” right now, it is all thanks to this movie which was released in 1984 and now enjoys a cult status. A quick recap of the dojo and the illegal kick won’t hurt anyone.

Johnny Lawrence, a martial arts expert, bullied Daniel LaRusso, a teen. To defend himself, he tries to study karate from Mr. Miyagi, a handyman who lives in his apartment. The movie has an IMDb rating of 7.6.


Wonder is a must-watch with the family because of its fresh approach to diversity and inclusiveness. August, a kid with a unique facial deformity, enrolls in a private school and meets Jack. While dealing with the bullies in their class, the two build a deep relationship. At the end of a hectic day, we all want a feel-good movie, and this one delivers with an IMDb rating of 8.

Back to the Future

There is no other movie that has contributed so heavily to pop culture as Back to the Future. Every comic-con always has some person cosplaying as Dr. Emmett Brown with a DMC-12. There have been multiple theories about the plot loopholes, but the movie deserved an IMDb rating of 8.5.

When an experiment by his quirky scientist buddy Doc Brown goes awry, California youngster Marty McFly flies back into the 1950s. Marty finds young versions of his parents while traveling through time in a modified DeLorean car and must ensure that they fall in love or he will vanish.

Kung Fu Panda

No one can hate a panda, and if his name is Po, there is no doubt because no one would want a beating from a cute foodie panda. The movie was such a success that it had multiple sequels and a series, so I guess every martial arts movie gets a series.

When Po the Panda, a kung fu fanatic, is chosen as the Dragon Warrior, he joins forces with the Furious Five to defeat the evil forces threatening the Valley of Peace. the film has an IMDb rating of 7.6.


Shrek has inspired confidence in an entire generation and is now spreading laughter through memes; thus, it deserves to be on the list. Not to mention the 7.9 IMDb rating and multiple sequels.

Shrek, an ogre, sets out with a donkey on an adventure to save Princess Fiona from a wicked ruler and reclaim his swamp. The story looks quite simple, but don’t believe everything you look at.


It would not be fair if we are talking about Christmas and I don’t include a single Christmas-themed movie. A strong cast and an interesting plot have helped this movie reach an IMDb rating of 8.2.

The tale centers on a postman stationed in an island settlement in the Far North who meets a lonely toy maker (Klaus). Klaus acts as an alternate backstory of Santa Claus independent from the traditional take on Saint Nicholas of Myra and uses a fictional 19th-century setting.

Spirited Away

Horror genre fans have a hard time watching a movie with their family, but this movie might fit the bill. Instead of the 3D animation, 2D animation with a Japanese touch will be great. Its 8.6 IMDb rating is because of the emotional connection the movie makes with the audience.

Chihiro, ten years old, and her parents come across a desolated amusement park. When an enigmatic Haku finds Chihiro after her parents turn into enormous pigs, he explains to her that the park is a resort for supernatural entities tired of the Earth realm. Chihiro must work in the resort to free her parents.

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There are plenty of family movies on Netflix, but because you are on a tight schedule and want to spend time with family, we limited the number on the list. Let us know in the comments your favorite family movies on Netflix.

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