Here are all the Sherlock Holmes easter eggs in The Irregulars

Here are all the Sherlock Holmes easter eggs in The Irregulars

Netflix shared a video compiling all the hidden Sherlock Holmes easter eggs in The Irregulars, a series they just cancelled.

The Irregulars is a fantasy-horror series in the universe of Sherlock Holmes. It tells the story of some exceptional youngsters trying to uncover the mysterious depths of Victorian London. The series debuted with its first season on March 26. Many viewers liked the series while some others reported it to be a disappointment. The Irregulars was not a huge success, but the stats were more than enough for Netflix to go on with a new season. However, they decided to cancel the series.

Sherlock Holmes easter eggs in The Irregulars

And now, Netflix shared a video about the series, which compiles every hidden Sherlock Holmes easter egg in it. It is rather awkward of them to share such a video after cancelling the series according to the fans. Anyways, you can watch it below. The video includes footage from many various Sherlock Holmes movies and series.

What is the synopsis of The Irregulars?

If you do not know about enough the series and want to learn more about it, here’s Netflix’s official synopsis for The Irregulars.

“A crew of misfits investigates a series of supernatural crimes in Victorian London for Dr. Watson and his shadowy associate, Sherlock Holmes.”

Why did Netflix cancel The Irregulars?

Netflix has not offered an explanation yet as to why they cancelled The Irregulars. It is not likely that they will comment on it given their previous cancellations. There were no major cliffhangers left though if you want something to comfort you.

Who is in the cast of The Irregulars? 

Henry Lloyd-Hughes plays Sherlock Holmes while Royce Pierreson portrays his friend Watson. Clarke Peters plays Linen Man and Olivia Grant portrays Patricia Coleman-Jones. Aidan McArdle plays an important character in the Sherlock Holmes universe, Inspector Lestrade.

Thaddea Graham plays Bea, the leader of the gang. Darci Shaw acts as Bea’s little sister, Jessie, while Jojo Macari acts as Billy.

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