“Her entire world has changed”: Sadie Sink Spills the Beans About Max Mayfield in Stranger Things Season 4

“Her entire world has changed”: Sadie Sink Spills the Beans About Max Mayfield in Stranger Things Season 4

May is going to rule over the rest of 2022 like a boss. And that is only because of Stranger Things season 4 dropping on Netflix this month. This means we are just weeks away from the spectacle of our lives. The stakes have never been higher in any other show like Stranger Things, and we are all for it. Right from the start, the newest season of the hit supernatural show, things looked different from the previous seasons. Even the trailer was darker in mood and vibes. And now Sadie Sink has herself accepted that the new season will surely be different.

And while doing so, she might have made a huge revelation about the highly anticipated show. Let us see what the actress said and try to figure out what that can mean for the show.

Sadie Sink on Max and the new season

As the newest season is less than a month away, the whole cast has been really into promotional campaigns and giving interviews. A new interview by Sadie has revealed the new role of Max Mayfield in the new season.

Max is one of the newest characters apart from the original group to be introduced in the series. Her first appearance on the show was in the second season. So she is just two seasons old. However, in her short run in the show, she has certainly become a huge part of it, and since her introduction, the show has picked up its pace.

Her friendship with Eleven is one of the core themes of both the characters. And her stepbrother, Billy’s death, has also left a huge impact on the show as since his death whole setting of the show has become darker.

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So while talking about her character Sadie pointed out that this season will be different for Max as well.

She said, “Max is grieving the loss of her brother, and the loss of Eleven, who’s moved away. So her entire world has changed. And also, she’s headed into high school. So she’s in a completely unfamiliar environment.”

Max might be getting a bigger role

Even though Max was one of the main characters in seasons two and three we never saw her alone. She was always with either Eleven or the gang. But now, with El gone for the first time, we will be seeing more of Max in absence of her best friend.

Another piece of evidence showing that her character will be having a larger role in the series can be her narration in the trailer. For the first part of the trailer, Max is narrating in the background, and it is her character that is shown the most apart from Millie’s El in the two-minute trailer. Also, in the trailer, we can see Max flying, which is entirely new to the fans.

So these might be hints to a larger role for Max, but we will have to wait and see what happens in the newest season.

Let us know if you guys are interested in seeing more of Max in Stranger Things season 4 or not?

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