Heath Ledger Blows Fans’ Mind Up on Netflix All Over Again

Heath Ledger Blows Fans’ Mind Up on Netflix All Over Again

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight has become one of the most beloved Batman movies of all time with Heath Ledger‘s appealing turn as the Joker back in 2008. And recently, the movie has also landed on Netflix and taken its place immediately as the #7 most-watched film on the streaming service. So, it seems, not much has been changed despite all those years, after all.

Heath Ledger had wowed audiences and become a character who terrifies comic fans along with moviegoers. And it seems he still has the same impact with his big-screen interpretation after decades. So considering all these, the story of Ledger’s casting in The Dark Knight is really surprising, indeed. Christopher Nolan‘s brother was the co-writer of the movie and opposed the director’s decision of casting Ledger back then. But Nolan’s idea didn’t change even so and moved forward with it as he also promised a mind-blowing performance from Ledger. And thanks to both of them, we had been given much more than Nolan promised.

Why was Heath Ledger’s Joker character so good?

In the movie, even if it might have seemed like Batman defeated Joker and left him to the law, the case with the Clown Prince of Crime has never been come clear and caused endless discussions as well. Heath Ledger’s Joker had actually more possibilities as murderous Two-Face was putting Harvey Dent’s into an incredible molding. He has proved it so. So Joker might have ended behind bars again but he also reached the top, although Batman had defeated.

On the other side, Heath Ledger died at his age of 28 just a few months before The Dark Knight hit theaters. So he had never been able to experience the acclaim he earned with his performance, unfortunately. And we are all still feeling his loss, especially because of not being able to see his magnificent and talented performance more. Furthermore, not even Joker‘s recent interpretations have intrigued fans in a way he did and come any closer to the weight or brilliance of Heath Ledger’s performance.

So, even if it has been over 13 years since his death, he touched all of the fans’ lives and became a cult. Heath Ledger has also bequeathed the Batman franchise such a high bar that they still seem to struggle to catch it again for decades. It’s really hard to expect such a talent like him, but also exciting to see them try. Ultimately, we remember with respect one more time, with the excuse of The Dark Knight landing on Netflix and becoming hit on the platform, not shockingly at all. So, you may also want to rewatch the movie if you still haven’t.

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