Heartstopper Webcomic Creator Alice Oseman Shares Her Favorite Moments From the Netflix Show Trailer

Heartstopper Webcomic Creator Alice Oseman Shares Her Favorite Moments From the Netflix Show Trailer

Heartstopper will again make us fall in love with innocent romance, like expressing love in the middle of a rainy day, playing around, heart-to-heart conversations with our partner. This television series will make you enjoy a teenage romance, far away from the cruelty of society. The Netflix trailer of the show will make you feel gushy!

Netflix is exploring content from different genres and focusing on LGBTQ communities and normalizing the love for all with no limitation of age, caste, community, sexuality, or religion. Love is a lot greater than all these negligible parts of society. So, Netflix is bringing a new-age drama. The webcomic and graphic novel by Alice Oseman of the same name inspired Heartstopper. The show got a green light in February 2020. As the production and filming are done, the show will hit Netflix soon, in just a few days.

The film explores a teenage love story between two boys from high school, starring Charlie Spring, Nick Nelson, Tao Xu, Elle Argent, Tara Jones, and Darcy Olsson. 

Favorite romantic moments of Alice Oseman from the Heartstopper trailer

As Netflix released the trailer of Heartstopper, viewers are going crazy for the sweet romantic moments from the show.

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On Twitter, Web comic creator, Alice Oseman tweeted her favorite moments from the trailer of Heartstopper. The four photos show the falling in love of Joe Locke as Charlie Spring and Kit Connor as Nick Nelson, after Nick joined the same high school as Charlie. As teenage boys, they grow together, explore different phases of romance and teenagehood, and finally declare their love. The show not only explores gay love stories but also lesbian love stories in the series. It’s high time. Let’s not bind love to specific sexuality.

Watch the trailer, if you still haven’t checked:

The show develops around two high teenage boys, Charlie and Nick, at an all-boys grammar school. Charlie, an overthinker and a hopeless romantic, and Nick, a strong rugby player, started their class together. Charlie fell in love with Nick, at first sight, and never any love back from Nick. But little did he know, Nick was more interested in him than Charlie ever expected. This show’s episode will develop around the memories Charlie and Nick will make together. The show Heartsopper explores themes like love, friendship, and loyalty. The show will hit Netflix on April 22nd, 2022.

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