Heartstopper Stars Yasmin Finney and Joe Locke Plan to Attend Met Gala 2023 and Fans Are Going Gaga

Heartstopper Stars Yasmin Finney and Joe Locke Plan to Attend Met Gala 2023 and Fans Are Going Gaga

Heartstopper is in the talks since before its release because of Alice Oseman’s webcomic. People were awaiting it for its heart-breaking love angles and the LGBTQ+ approach. After the release, fans were all about the series and couldn’t get enough of the lead characters. It’s not at all surprising, for the actors Joe Locke and Kit Connor were a more than apt cast for the audience’s beloved Nick and Charlie.

Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney talks about MET appearance the next year

The cast is since seen indulging the fans on social media. From playing fan-inclusive quizzes to fan-inclusive interviews, the stars went beyond the lines for promotion following so much extra attention. Yasmin Finney took to her Twitter account to surprise her fans. She went on to write that she will be attending MET Gala 2023.

Here’s the Tweet :

Heartstopper has brought awareness among many and has validated and encouraged many. It’s a joy for the fans to know that they are going to make an appearance at the next MET because the cast is a flag bearer for an entire community -the LGBTQ+. And their presence at the MET is just going to represent the community’s status at large.

Why the Hearstopper deserves to go to the MET

The charm of the cast in the series was clearly unbeatable. A small reel from the show could make a weak-heart blush, that is how established its filmmaking too is. Heartstopper revolves around teens coming of age and trying to figure their sexuality out, falling in and out of love, fighting against rigid societal norms pertaining to LGBTQ+, mental health, and humility. It was able to incorporate all these things in one without making the show intense or boring because witty comedy, honest love, and interesting teen gossip too were knitted well with it. The cast on such a big stage would shed more light on the important issues it represents, on a world level.

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While fans surely missed the presence of Zendaya, Lady Gaga, and Harry Styles at the MET 2022, the Heartstopper cast was the most sought-after. The level of their popularity on the internet is the kind that’s never been seen before.  Nobody knows what goes into getting an invite from the MET. What’s known is that the cast of the most popular shows and movies of the year, get to go to the MET. The Bridgerton cast on the red carpet this year was proof of it. Heartstopper cast could’ve probably gotten invited to it this year if the show released way before the MET prepared itself. If you haven’t watched the Heartstopper yet, go check it out.

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