5 Out of 10 “LGBTQ+ Rising Stars” From Radio Times’ List Are From Your Favorite Netflix Shows, Learn the Names Here!

5 Out of 10 “LGBTQ+ Rising Stars” From Radio Times’ List Are From Your Favorite Netflix Shows, Learn the Names Here!

TV has come a long way from shunning the LGBTQ to embracing their storylines and giving them a voice. And this has only helped some really talented LGBTQ stars to come to the forefront and flex their acting skill. This pride month, let’s take a moment to celebrate the young actors that have made the Netflix shows from Heartstopper to Sex Education an engrossing watch. 

LGBTQ stars from shows like Heartstopper, Sex Education and more

Yasmin Finney

Netflix’s Heartstopper introduced us to the talented Yasmin Finney. The trans actress is very open about her sexuality and even portrays a trans teen, Elle Argent in the British show. Fans loved her portrayal of a trans teen who has to navigate both her sexuality and high school. The actress is also cast as Rose for Doctor Who, but information on her role is scarce at the moment. 

Connor Jessup 

Connor Jessup, the star of Locke and Key, had quite a good run. In his short career apart from appearing as Tyler Locke in the Netflix series, he also had turns in Falling Skies and American Crime. He has proven that he is versatile with his roles. The actor had come out to his fans in 2019. Since then he has actively supported the LGBTQ community. 

Dua Saleh 

Dua Saleh, the black trans actor made quite an impact when he stepped into Cal’s shoes in Sex Education season 3. The real-life singer did contribute a lot to black trans actor representation since they are mostly not given much voice in popular culture. But with his casting and his narrative, you can surely see a shift taking place. 

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Erin Doherty 

Erin Doherty created quite the buzz when she appeared as Princess Anne in The Crown. With a cast that consisted of renowned British actors, it wasn’t an easy feat to get noticed. She went on to star in the British thriller, Chloe. The Les Miserables actor will next appear alongside Alicia Vikander in psychological horror Firebrand

Joe Locke

Joining Yasmin on Radio Times’ list is yet another Heartstopper alum, Joe Locke.

The casting for Alice Oseman’s Charlie Spring was perfect. The openly gay actor and newcomer perfectly embodied the sweet but sensitive nature of Spring on Heartstopper

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