Netflix is going to help us sleep with its new series Headspace Guide To Sleep

Netflix is going to help us sleep with its new series Headspace Guide To Sleep

Netflix shared the official trailer and the release date of Headspace Guide To Sleep, which will help us fall asleep with mindfulness and meditation.

They shared the official trailer for beneficial content this time, rather than a purely entertaining one. This new series is going to give us information backed by science about sleep and help us fall asleep easily, making us ready and well-rested for the day ahead. Though it’s kind of ironic for Netflix, the #1 enemy of sleep, to come up with a production like that, people seem to be invested in that idea. The trailer looks very cute and interesting as well.

What is the synopsis of Headspace Guide To Sleep?

Here’s how Netflix describes its new show:

“Sleeping isn’t easy. We got you. Headspace Guide To Sleep offers new facts and tips about sleep, backed by science. We’ll answer questions like: is looking at your phone in bed really that bad? Do we really need 8 full hours of sleep? And can pills help? With mindfulness and meditation, this series will give you the tools you need to get a good night’s sleep… and wake up ready to take on the day.”

Headspace is the company that’s behind this content. They are an online organization that excels in meditation and mindfulness. In addition to that, they also have another guide on Netflix, titled Headspace Guide to Meditation. The rating of the earlier guide is 8,6 in IMDb, so it seems Netflix to release another show like that.

Headspace Guide To Sleep release date

Netflix is going o release the series on April 28th, 2021. This means we have to wait less than two weeks for the release of Headspace’s new guide and try to get some tips about sleeping.

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