Hasan Minhaj and Simu LIU Throw Funny Banters at Ronny Cheing’s New Netflix Show, Speakeasy

Hasan Minhaj and Simu LIU Throw Funny Banters at Ronny Cheing’s New Netflix Show, Speakeasy

Ronny Chieng is bringing a stand-up comedy to Netflix, entitled Speakeasy, set up in a fine-dine Chinese restaurant in the heart of New York. Ronny Chieng is a global comedian who mainly jokes about the politics of the United States.

He has appeared in many shows and films, like his long-running show, The Daily Show, and some famous movies like Marvel’s Shang-Chi, Legend of the Ten Rings, Crazy Rich Asians, and Asian Comedian Destroys America. As he has done with a one-comedy special on Netflix, his fans are eagerly waiting for the second Netflix special, Ronny Chieng: Speakeasy. He is ethnically Chinese, born in Malaysia. He found the grandest stage in the US to capture more audiences with his comedy and landed on The Daily Show.

Let’s find out what the show is about.

What is Ronny Chieng: Speakeasy?

Speakeasy is a comedy show in an intimate comedy show set at the Chinese Tuxedo bar and restaurant in New York City. The show is a unique mixture of intelligence, rage, and physicality. Ronny takes us to his days during the pandemic, and also even race relations. He conveys a lot of stories, mainly personal experiences as an international touring comic. At one point during the show, Chieng asks the audience, “On three, I want you to shout out which race you think is the worst.”

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What did Hasan Minhaj and Simu Liu say about Speakeasy on Netflix?

Hasan Minhaj took to his Twitter account to promote Ronny’s show. He wrote “he opens with a bit about virology and central limit theorem. As a fan of data viz and graphs, this speaks to me.”

But Hasan strikes Ronny with a challenging question: Is Ronny my nemesis? In which Hasan answers ‘yes’ and he will use this post as blackmail later.

We are patiently waiting for what funny comment will Ronny Chieng reply to after Hasan Minhaj’s comment.

The reaction of other celebrities after Hasan Minhaj’s comment.

Simu Liu and Ronny Chieng are good friends. But just for fun, Simu Liu requests Netflix to cancel Ronny’s show.

We are very sure Ronny Chieng will bring something funnier to reply to them.

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