Ham Imagines What It Would Like to Be a Real Viking on the Field, Minnesota Vikings Shares a Video

Ham Imagines What It Would Like to Be a Real Viking on the Field, Minnesota Vikings Shares a Video

Even though the Vikings haven’t roamed the Earth since the 11th century, we have their spiritual descendants in the form of the Minnesota Vikings. Recently Minnesota Vikings posted a video creating what all wished to be true. What if their Vikings were real Vikings?

Vikings on the field

In a recent video posted by the official Minnesota Vikings Twitter handle. We get to see the star fullback of Vikings C. J. Ham is reimagined as a real-life Viking on the battlefield.

In the promotional video for the Netflix Original Ham is shown watching the series and wondering what it would like to be a real Viking. The immediate next shot is of Ham kicking a door and appearing in full battle armor. With a traditional battle-ax and circular wooden shield.

Ham is also giving an interview while maintaining the Viking character. In the interview, he calls back to the sailing and expedition that the Vikings did by saying, “We gonna sail hard and we gonna sail fast.”

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The rest of the video pays homage to the real Vikings. They also draw parallels as to how Minnesotans are similar to the Vikings. The video ends with the Minnesota Viking fans cheering the famous” “Skol” chant to encourage their favorites on the field.

Full Cast of Vikings Valhalla

When recreating a whole clan of warriors and voyagers. You need to have an equally impressive cast too. That is why Vikings Valhalla has an amazing cast with some great actors.

Sam Corlett plays Leif, a well-known wanderer, and skilled sailor. Frida Gustavsson, a Swedish model and actress, play Freydis. Leo Suter, a 28-year-old English actor who has been in Sanditon and Beecham House, plays Harald. Bradley Freegard, a Welsh actor who formerly portrayed Gethin Williams in EastEnders, plays Canute. They are just some of the long and highly talented cast who show their talent on screen.

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