Great Pretender Season 3 Renewal Status and Release Date

Great Pretender Season 3 Renewal Status and Release Date

Great Pretender is like a treasure waiting to be discovered on Netflix. Fans of the series are already waiting for the third season release date.

Great Pretender is a Netflix Original anime series produced by Wit Studio. Netflix released the first season in June 2020 and it has 2 seasons now.

Great Pretender is actually a Japanese crime comedy series. However, this definition makes it quite simple. The series surprises you in every episode, and the pressure and tension do not stop. Moreover, this is a comedy series. If you haven’t started watching The Great Pretender yet, we recommend that you start as soon as possible. For those who are waiting for the 3rd season of the series, we have prepared everything known for you.

What is the synopsis of the Great Pretender?

Makoto Edamura pretends to be Japan’s biggest swindler. Edamura’s confidence causes him to face unexpected situations. One day, Edamura tries to deceive Laurent Thierry, a world-class fraudster and ends up in big trouble.

Is Great Pretender Renewed for Season 3?

There is no information announced about season 3 by Netflix or WIT Studio yet. However, Kaburagi, director of Great Pretender, talked about the possibility of making season 3 of the anime series: “If you want to see a sequel, do be sure to tell your friends and acquaintances about it,” he said. “So that you can increase the viewer count on Netflix!”

Kaburagi talked positively about the new season and also said WIT Studio has a “financial incentive” to create another season of the comedy series.

Great Pretender, Netflix Originals
Great Pretender, Netflix Originals

When is the Great Pretender Season 3 release date?

There are rumors about the release date of Great Pretender season 3. Although Netflix has not made an official announcement yet, the series is expected to return in autumn 2021.

If we look at seasons 1 and 2, we assume that season 3 will follow a similar production process, with about 12-14 months. This reveals the theory that the anime will return in the autumn of 2021.

Who’s in the Great Pretender Season 3 cast?

We hope Edamura, Laurent, and their crew will return as it is.

  • Makoto Edamura – Chiaki Kobayashi, Alan Lee
  • Laurent Thierry -Junichi Suwabe, Aaron Phillips.
  • Abigail Jones – Natsumi Fujiwara, Kausar Mohammed
  • Cynthia Moore – Mie Sonozaki, Laura Post

Is there a Great Pretender Season 3 trailer?

Unfortunately, season 3 is not announced yet and Netflix hasn’t released an official trailer. However, you can watch the season 2 trailer below.

2 thoughts on “Great Pretender Season 3 Renewal Status and Release Date

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    February 9, 2021 at 7:04 pm

    As someone who never watches anime (due to stigma) and this being the very first anime I ever watched. This show is like searching through your pantry cabinet for the fourth time today, knowing you’ll just find the same bland food you don’t want but this time you stumble upon and find that there was a chocolate bar hidden away in there the entire time. This show is the chocolate bar to the Netflix cabinet. Its hidden away under mediocre shows and movies and you’re just left craving more when you’re done. As I said I’ve never really watched anime but this one I just love to death! Def need a season 3.

  2. Reply
    February 23, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    My Kid got me into great pretender! Watched both seasons in one sitting! Hurry up with season 3! Lol

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