Gordon Cormier’s Instagram Post Teases a Huge Moment From the Avatar Live-Action Netflix Series

Gordon Cormier’s Instagram Post Teases a Huge Moment From the Avatar Live-Action Netflix Series

There hasn’t been a more hotly anticipated show by Netflix than the Avatar live-action adaptation. The show has been in production for a few months now, and fans cant wait to see how it turns out. A huge aspect of the show is its cast, especially Gordon Cormier as Aang. Upon the casting announcement, fans were happy to see Gordon’s resemblance with Aang.

And the Canadian Actor loves to post pictures with his fellow Avatar castmates. However, a new post by the actor is making rounds on the internet for teasing a huge moment from the first book.

Gordon teases fans about a huge scene from Avatar on Netflix

Gordon Cormier uploaded the post, which you can see below. The actor shared a photo of himself meditating, like Aang does frequently, and his caption has prompted interest in Netflix’s ensemble.

“Roku, here I come! or maybe I will just go skateboarding and save the world later,” is the photo’s caption. This is a huge tease as all Avatar fans know how big of a role Avatar Roku plays in the story of Aang becoming an Avatar.

Despite being clothed in modern clothing, Cormier has a striking resemblance to Aang in this photo. Fans are excited to see how Cormier will appear as Aang in costume. But Netflix has yet to release any official images from the Avatar adaption.

This isn’t the only picture that the 12-year-old has posted from Avatar sets. Among other photos on his Instagram profile include one with Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who plays Uncle Iroh. He also has a great picture with Daniel Dae Kim , who will be playing Fire Lord Ozai in the series.

What’s going on with the show?

Netflix is keeping its dream project of Avatar extremely secretive. The newest update that we received recently was of a casting call for a previous Avatar. But since then, the whole show has been under tight wraps. However, a fan was able to steal some on-set pictures, but that is it.

Are you excited about the live-action adaptation of the beloved Avatar series to not? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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