Good on Paper trailer for the new Netflix romantic-comedy movie

Good on Paper trailer for the new Netflix romantic-comedy movie

Netflix has shared the Good on Paper official trailer on its YouTube channel. This upcoming movie also starring Iliza Shlesinger, Ryan Hansen, and more.

Good on Paper tells about a lonely comedian named Andrea Singer who meets the perfect guy. This movie stars Ryan Hansen, this man is smart, successful, and has decent manners. So, he is possibly too good to be true. The writer of the movie is Iliza Shlesinger, who also played the main character, Andrea.

Shlesinger stated that she was inspired by her own experiences while creating the film.

What’s the release date of Good on Paper?

Netflix announced the “Good on Paper” movie release date as well. The romantic comedy movie will be available for subscribers of the platform on June 23. Here’s a poster for the ‘mostly true love story’ written by Iliza Shlesinger.

Good on Paper Cast

Good on Paper Official Trailer: New Netflix Rom-Com Movie
Good on Paper – Credit: Netflix

The romantic comedy interviews the perfect boyfriend who checks all the boxes and does this in a funny and comedic tone. Good on Paper cast includes very talented names like Margaret Cho, Rebecca Ritten House, Taylor Hill, and Tyler Cameron.

Andre Singer as Iliza Shlesinger meets a handsome, successful, and sharp man on a flight. As they go on dates and know each other, the protagonist finds herself fallen in love with him. Though, her friends are not on the same page with Andrea. Believing that there must be wrong with this ‘perfect’ guy, they try to find out who he really is behind his perfect answers.

Netflix has dropped the Good on Paper official trailer today.

Here’s the official description for the movie:

“After years of putting her career ahead of love, stand-up comic Andrea Singer has stumbled upon the perfect guy. On paper, he checks all the boxes but is he everything he appears to be?”

Who is Iliza Shlesinger?

Iliza Shlesinger is an American stand-up comedian who was born in New York. She graduated from Emerson College and has been giving successful stand-up comedy shows for over 10 years.

Shlesinger also served as a television host of her own show named Truth & Iliza. The popular actress has five comedy shows in the library of the popular streaming platform Netflix. Iliza Shlesinger played in lots of TV series and movies as well. She played in Paradise, Instant Family, Spenser Confidential, Pieces of a Woman, The Right One and much more.

Here are all of Iliza Shlesinger Netflix comedy specials that you can watch right now:

  • Confirmed Kills
  • Freezing Hot
  • Unveiled
  • Elder Millennial
  • The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show

Is Iliza Shlesinger War Paint still on Netflix?

Shlesinger’s comedy special War Paint has been removed from the subscription service a year ago. We, unfortunately, do not know whether the stand-up comedy special will be on Netflix again. There have been no announcements about it from the popular streaming platform.

You can watch Spenser Confidential and Pieces of a Woman on Netflix right now. The famous comic starred in both of these movies. Now with the release of Good on Paper on June 23, Shlesinger will have lots of titles on Netflix’s library.

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