‘Good Afternoon’ Songwriter Benj Pasek on How Ryan Reynolds Inspired R-Rated ‘Mary Poppins’

‘Good Afternoon’ Songwriter Benj Pasek on How Ryan Reynolds Inspired R-Rated ‘Mary Poppins’

Spirited songwriter Benj Pasek has credited Ryan Reynolds for adding a creative twist to the song. Every year, there is one Christmas movie released to bless the holiday season. This year it was the Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds starrer musical movie. While the stars were appreciated for their efforts, the shining factor in the movie was its song Good Afternoon.

It was written by none other than La La Land songwriter and Oscar winner Benj Pasek. He co-wrote the song along with Justin Paul. But what went into the creative process of making an Oscar-nomination-worthy song? The songwriter opens up in an interview.

Benj Pasek explains the creative process and credits Ryan Reynolds for Spirited’s song Good Afternoon

When Ryan Reynolds and Benj Pasek teamed up, it led to the creation of a potential Oscar-worthy song. Spirited is a musical that came as a challenge for all, from Reynolds and Will Ferrell learning to dance to Pasek having to write a song that would be in line with the movie’s story. The movie was created on a big scale, requiring an equally big number of cast and crew.

Songwriter Benj Pasek gave an interview to Gold Derby recently, wherein he spoke about his journey of working for Spirited. Crediting Reynolds for the creative tweak, Pasek said, “The idea was actually pitched originally by Ryan Reynolds to say, what if actually this term really in the 1800s did mean FU?” 

The songwriter was really proud of being able to create a song for the project and see it succeed beyond the movie. In the musical, the Ghost of Christmas Present, in order to redeem the ‘unredeemable’ Reynolds, takes him to the 19th Century. Therein, Reynolds, who is a media consultant called Clint Briggs, learns how the phrase Good Afternoon is offensive. 

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Briggs then pushes Present to use that term more. So the songwriter had to coordinate with the scriptwriters as well. Pasek admits that being able to create it all and showcase it to the audience was a big thrill. It will be seen if Good Afternoon bags an Oscar in 2023.

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