“Give me something to..” – Henry Cavill Revealed His Secret to Mental Health Back in 2021

“Give me something to..” – Henry Cavill Revealed His Secret to Mental Health Back in 2021

Other than acting, if there is one thing Henry Cavill is known for, it’s his fitness. Leading in action movies in Hollywood means having to look and feel one’s best. For the 39-year-old, it also means maintaining that prime stage through decades, while working for long hours. But what is the secret behind maintaining this fitness (mental and physical) through time?

Celebrities usually have a team of experts helping them. But at the end of the day, it is they who must do the work. Putting his full commitment to it, Cavill has been an inspiration for many. In an interview, he once opened up about how he does it all.

Henry Cavill on what helps him maintain the fitness

With or without projects, Cavill is often seen giving interviews, talking about his work and secrets of fitness. Back in 2021, Cavill appeared for an interview with People magazine, during which he revealed how he tries to strive for things that are in his control. “And that gives me something to work towards,” he said. He suffered a hamstring injury during one of his workouts, which forced him to take a break. But instead of feeling down, he was comforted knowing how hard he was working towards consistency. He believes in the mantra of not stressing over things that are out of our control.

As for physical fitness, the actor concentrates on keeping a well-balanced diet when he doesn’t require buffing up for work. But he also believes in cheat meals once a week, consisting of his favorite pizza or a serving of Indian food.

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While the breaks certainly help, the actor stays very disciplined most of the time. In several of his interviews, he has stressed the importance of consistency and discipline. Here is what his usual fitness routine consists of.

A look into the actor’s fitness regime when getting toned for work

The Witcher actor apparently did not drink water for 2-3 days for the shirtless water scene. He does weight training 3-4 times a week and encourages higher weights rather than repetition. As for diet, the food usually consists of protein powder, oats, or even a good roast. Despite living in the limelight, he has adapted to stoicism to keep him grounded and focused.

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