Game of Thrones Creators New Netflix Series Coming Next Year

Game of Thrones Creators New Netflix Series Coming Next Year

The creators of Game of Thrones are coming together for a new project ‘The Overstory‘ to release on Netflix. 2021 has been a year with ups and downs but for G.O.T fans it has been a wild ride! Now, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are teaming with actor Hugh Jackman for a new series! When will The Overstory release on the streaming platform? What will the new project be about?

The Overstory, which is predicted to release to Netflix in 2022 is an adaptation of the Pulitzer-winning novel of the same title! This original novel is written by Richard Powers and the series will be produced by Benioff, Weiss, Bernie Claufield, and their production company Bighead Littlehead. The new Netflix Originals is another project as part of the duo’s $250 million overall deal with Netflix. The Overstory is about the lives of nine Americans. Also, Hugh Jackman is signed on the series as the executive producer and is predicted to star in the project.

Before getting on with the series official synopsis and release date, we would like to give the information of how the co-CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings is a massive fan of the source material. In a profile on the NYTimes published in September 2020, Hastings mentioned The Overstory as the last great book that he had read. His comment on the book is:

“It’s a wonderful example of how great storytelling can help build understanding and empathy. Original and profound. I have to admit that my fiction reading has declined a lot in recent years so our family agreed we would all read together on vacation, and luckily “The Overstory” is one we chose.”

What’s the synopsis and the characters of The Overstory?

The official novel is about trees that have experiences with nine different people which bring them together. The bringing of the people is to address the destruction of forests around. These nine different people have unique stories with trees and lead their lives throughout the novel with them. Let us share the characters and their official personalities with you!

  • Nicholas Hoel
  • Mimi Ma
  • Adam Appich
  • Ray Brinkman
  • Dorothy Cazaly
  • Douglas Pavlicek
  • Neelay Mehta
  • Patricia Westerford
  • Olivia Vandergriff

The official synopsis of the series by Netflix shared: 

“A sweeping, impassioned work of activism and resistance that is also a stunning evocation of the natural world. It tells the story of a world alongside ours that is vast, interconnected, resourceful, magnificently inventive, and almost invisible to us. A handful of disparate people learn how to see that world and are drawn into its unfolding catastrophe.”

Who are the cast members of The Overstory?

There are no cast members who have not been announced yet but as mentioned. However, Hugh Jackman has a possible role in the new project. Besides Jackman, Emilia Clarke can have a role as well. She mentioned how she loved the novel in an interview and called the book ‘mandatory’ for reading.

When will The Overstory release on Netflix?

While the novel isn’t a series and is only one book, The Overstory project might be a single-season series. Since official news hasn’t been announced yet, we can only predict the series course of events. We are only predicting whether the series will have more than one season or not. When it comes to the release date of the series, there also haven’t been announcements regarding the release date. The series is currently in the stage of development. More news will surely be announced in the coming months. We hope to see the production starting this year and after we might see the first season in 2022!

Below is a video of Richard Powers, the author of The Overstory, reading a chapter.

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