From Botany Book to a Letter, Genius Fans Decode Colin Bridgerton ’s New Poster for Easter Eggs

From Botany Book to a Letter, Genius Fans Decode Colin Bridgerton ’s New Poster for Easter Eggs

Long after season 2 of Bridgerton ended, speculations of the next couple at the centre of the show are doing rounds on the internet. While many say that the next season is going to be about Benedict Bridgerton; people can’t rule out other possibilities, because of the show’s nature of not sticking to the books completely. Apart from the couple at the centre of the show, there are other situations like Colin Bridgerton and Penelope’s, which people can’t wait to see how it concludes. Amidst a lot of discussions that go on between people who have read the books, Netflix has dropped a poster!

Netflix drops Colin Bridgerton ‘s poster

Penelope’s sweetheart and childhood best friend Colin is seen in the poster with a lot of things. Fans went into a frenzy to guess what all those might mean. They also suspected them to be the next couple of shows. Here’s the tweet:

Colin is a known travel enthusiast, fans saw him go to the Mediterranean at the end of the first season. Penelope used his dream of travelling as an excuse to send him away from her pregnant cousin Marina whom Colin had feelings for. The caption was a referral to those travels.

Fans react to the items in the poster

Colin is spotted with Penelope’s letter, Greece’s flag, a botany book, a bottle of olive oil, a compass, a map of the globe, a sword, etc. People didn’t seem to care less about anything other than Penelope’s letter at the centre. It took no time for fans to come to satisfying theories. Here are some of them:

Eloise Bridgerton, Colin’s sister had accused him of being ‘insufferable‘ because of his travels to Greece. Greece, in the era of Bridgerton, went through a revolution, which Colin is suspected to feel for. There are several Greek references that fans pointed out.

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This comment referred to the flowers in Colin’s botany book. It was a reference to Sir Philip Crane or Marina’s husband who was a love interest of Colin’s. Philip had shown Colin his books when the latter was visiting Marina; in season two. They’re Flora Graeca or flowers from Greece. 

Fans were creating nicknames for the couple – calling them Polin or Colip. After the poster reveal, they couldn’t wait to see them as the centre couple.

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Apart from Polin, fans bombarded the post with comments asking for a face reveal for Sophie Beckett. Sophie from the books is known to be the love interest and then-wife of Benedict Bridgerton. Whether it is Polin or Sophict, Bridgerton season 3 is going to be watched either way. Are you excited?


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