From Action Sequences to a New Villian, Here’s What the New ‘Ultraman’ Season 2 Opening Sequence Revealed

From Action Sequences to a New Villian, Here’s What the New ‘Ultraman’ Season 2 Opening Sequence Revealed

All of us while growing up used to adore the Ultraman series. They were a huge part of the childhood of millions back in the day. However, for many years with the coming of the Power Ranger, the Ultraman was lost like a sunken treasure. But Netflix resurrected fans’ hype after releasing the show back in 2019. And now that Netflix is back with Ultraman Season 2, fans could not be happier.

After a trailer for the show that made people lose their minds. The banger of an opening animation for the new season has been released. The recent opening does not give out a lot but surely enough to entice the fans.

Ultraman Season 2 Netflix releases opening theme

Ahead of the show’s release, the opening for the show has been released. This is a clean version of the show’s opening. This implies that there are no credits in the way of scenes from the show. It also provides an opportunity for fans to hear more of Noilion‘s title song “3.”

A handful of returning characters appear in the Ultraman intro. The new Ultraman Shinjiro Hayata stars in the series, which is Production I.G. and Tsuburaya Productions produce. Ace, Jack, Seven, Taro, and Zoffy are among the members of the gang that combat aliens. The video teases a few of these occurrences.

Watch the opening here.

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What does the clip reveal?

Aside from a few action moments in the trailer, much of Season 2’s narrative remains a mystery. However, according to different promotional materials for the program, many more Ultraman characters will be joining the series this season, including Jack, Taro, and Zoffy, who will create the famous Ultra 6 Brothers with the other three major characters from season one.

Alien Pedanto, voiced by Jujutsu Kaisen and Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Junichi Suwabe, will enter the series with new characters.

The newest season will have six episodes, but the ending theme for the season is unknown yet. You can start streaming season 2 of Ultraman on Netflix on April 19th.

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